The Shifts we are experiencing

23 Aug

Alrighty then, we’ve had several big shifts in energy for ourselves and the planet and if you are supersensitive, you’ve felt it big time. I was told by my Guides that I may experience pressure, and the cranial has felt the brunt of it. Our dogs have felt it strongly, especially Foxy, who has had to endure the thunderstorms and the shifts.

The clearing I’ve felt and has others (mostly through the throat and head areas), has also included my energy changing and expanding. “Like new clothes I need to get used to. I am switching perspective to a bigger, wider point of view and merging with it. Fitting better into the bigger energy that is me.” The deep clearing was so “I’d be open to receive deeper, more light into my cells.” Which now, makes more sense after reading the “What’s Up On Planet Earth” report.

There’s been a heightened sensitivity, and I was told to stay at the red rose vibration. I am assuming this means a more loving, higher place so I don’t get caught up in the clearings of others.

For our dog companions, they have been feeling the pressure on their back areas and if they have arthritis, they can be very achey indeed.

This too will pass, I am told. I’ve been loading up on Turpin cactus (for the pressure) and bachelor’s buttons (to stay centered).

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