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Animal Communication – Getting it “right”

13 Feb

A repost but this info still holds true, I thought I’d share.

When I teach budding animal communicators their biggest complaint is the same. But what if I am wrong? It feels like and is an enormous responsibility to provide answers to a grieving or troubled pet parent. Why is my animal sick? Why did he die? Why is he fighting with his sister? And we tune in and look for answers. The right answers the client needs.

Once in while I would have a client who would “test” me, but they were very rare. They wanted to see if I was truly “psychic.” But telepathic communication isn’t about being psychic. You are simply connecting one on one. You can’t give answers you aren’t hearing.

What can you do to relieve the pressure besides exploding after a reading or having a stiff drink? Here’s what I have learned that has helped me through the years.

  1. Let the animal provide the PROOF and the answers.

Sounds strange when I say let the animal have all the pressure, but it isn’t like that. Ask the animals open-ended questions. Instead of “What is your favorite food?,” show a bowl in your head and let the animal fill up the bowl. Ask the animal how they are feeling and what they think is wrong, vs. “What disease do you have?” Nothing shuts down the intuitive connection then very, very specific questions which narrows the answers you could receive. It’s the difference between letting it flow and forcing. Forcing never works. Ever try to shoot a ball into a basket? Notice the difference between relaxed focus and trying really, really hard.

2. Get in that relaxed space first.

Most students think they have to meditate for years to be a good communicator with animals. This always makes me laugh. I have one very active mind that doesn’t shut off. I am tuned in a great deal of the time, but I don’t meditate. The space between awake and falling asleep is THE perfect time to try to connect because you are just letting things flow in and out, and I almost always trust the answers that come then because my mind isn’t in the way.

3. You are going be wrong sometimes.

You might be tired, or you might be triggered by what issues the animal is having, or you might be forcing and your own stuff or thoughts will get it in the way. It’s not a perfect science, which is frustrating but true. And we are not perfect filters. If the animals could just talk out loud you would know for sure what they are communicating, but even then, like in conversations with people, things can be misconstrued. Thank goodness we don’t text with our animals.

4. Remind yourself you are not a veterinarian, unless of course you are one. 

This is a biggie! I pride myself that I was very good at receiving information on an animal’s health, but I was never good at veterinary science. There’s so much I don’t know, like a backache could be from kidney issues. All an animal can describe is their symptoms and you might be able to see into the body, but you need to have a working knowledge of what you are seeing, and that’s not your job. I could describe that an animal has what feels like a ball in its ear, but I might not know that’s a cyst. Don’t try to be an expert, let the client know they need a doctor.

5. I want to see you screw up and get back up again.

I like when students just relax during practice and have fun. They can screw up and get the answer all wrong and still try again. As a teacher, I am more impressed by that. Practice is for having fun and test-driving animal communication. Less pressure = more surprises and more information coming through. The most clearest communication sometimes consists of an unusual answer your mind couldn’t have possibly come up with.

The most clearest communication sometimes consists of an unusual answer your mind couldn’t have possibly come up with.

6. Sometimes a bed is just a bed.

Many times you get info and you jump to the conclusion that you are all wrong, when it was the interpretation of what you received that didn’t match, and that’s when it is best to simply describe what you are feeling, seeing and the thoughts you are getting. I would provide what I was seeing and the person could make those connections. If I was seeing a blue, natty looking blanket, I described that. That’s where I can be very specific. The dog’s person knows that blanket well and understands.That’s her dog’s favorite blanket! If I added my interpretation that I think that blanket means the animal wants a nap, I will risk being all wrong, and well, the dog will be super frustrated with me.

Take the pressure off and focus on being a better listener instead. Two different focuses, but one has less headaches and better communication.

For a reading, head on over to here.

Do you have an Insect Attachment?

30 Jul

Yesterday, while watching a movie and cuddling my basset, I felt a huge drop of energy, fear and a wave of insecurity. These feelings didn’t match the comfy feel of my dog girl, or the interesting movie I was watching. I wasn’t recently slimed or had any negative interactions with anyone that I was aware of. I noted it and went to bed to do a meditation to take care of it.

Calling in my helpers, and of course the Fairies of the house, I scanned my body. And there it was…an attachment on my shoulder! You know the expression, “feeling like someone is always over your shoulder?” There isn’t a saying like that? Well, there should be. That is definitely how I felt!

The attachment clairvoyantly looked like a giant spider looking quite comfortable clutching to my shoulder.

The biggest symptom I could make out of knowing the attachment was there was the recurring, OCD-like thoughts in my head I couldn’t get rid of. I felt like someone else’s energy was on top of mine.

I’ve been watching this fun anime series, HOLIC, which is quite spiritual in nature. The show is very entertaining, but what I really like about it is it addresses the dynamics of psychic energy. The main character even sees energy, like I do, which is comforting. In the episode I was watching about two twin girls, the one twin was a bit of a failure and a klutz. Deeper into the episode we see that the other twin basically fed into her sister’s mind treadmill with remarks like “Oh no, you don’t want to trip. You know how you mess up….” It was fascinating to see as each time she remarked, there were waves going out to her plagued sister that the cartoon audience could see. That little attachment on my shoulder felt just like that.

Once I cleared the little insect parasite off my shoulder (I asked it to leave!) and brought in all the good fairy energy — my matching energy — I slept like a baby and had wonderful, funny dreams. And this morning, I could see and think clearly. I was even able to write this lesson!

Attachments are a different form of SLIMING. They hang on and influence. Sometimes they are other folk’s energy from far away or nearby, or something we picked up from others, and other times spirits are hanging on. But the key is to recognize them and send them far away, just like you would relocate the spider or fly out of the house.

Thanks to Marla mentioning, I did remove one word from this post. Normally, I don’t change what I write, but she did make a very good point as I wasn’t clear in my writing. I do like spiders, I don’t like nasty attachments that are stuck to me.


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Psychic Observations, etc.

18 May

Been a few weird weeks lately psychically. Since I journal a great deal, I decided to share some of my observations that I wrote down.

  1. My telepathic ability has increased. Talked to a few intuitive friends and they have noticed similar observations. There’s almost an amplification of what I hear, which means I need to watch out to who I connect to and what I pick up. Are the voices helpful or not helpful?
  2. Many animals are crossing around this time, and celebrities! There must be a door open right now.
  3. I just finished watching the british tv series, Merlin, Season 2. Love, love it. I can’t tell you enough about how this show has touched me. It’s wonderfully done with great attention to the characters’ development, clever stories, and great fight of good against evil where sometimes the line is blurred. I must have lived during Camelot times, because it super resonates. Maybe it’s just the “having an ability many don’t understand or you need to keep hush-hush.”
  4. I feel more open psychically most of the time. Things that shut me off are more obvious now such as exposure to the news, negative people, etc.
  5. Is it me or are the crazy people getting more crazy? Or more of those that have issues and are very unaware seem to be getting more unaware or clinging to their unaware, making them appear more crazy. Did you follow that?
  6. Why isn’t there more mention that they discovered another mayan calendar that continues beyond 2012? Just another Y2K phenomenon?
  7. My empathic sense is growing stronger also which feels like the boundaries between me and those I care about are growing thinner and thinner in terms of communicating/picking up.
  8. My brain is going faster. Maybe it’s an adjustment to the fast-moving world of the web. When I write, I find I continually leave out words I thought I had typed. I used to just do this with leaving out letters.
  9. The more psychic I become, the less tolerance I have of bull shit.
  10. Dreams are becoming more vivid and lucid.

How about you? What are your observations?

Visiting Dead Moms

13 Apr

My brother-in-law sent this photo over today. He and my sister went and visited my Mom’s grave in Jersey and he took a photo of the grave marker. Of course, seeing this gave me a huge cry, but I no longer feel deep sadness. I know she’s nearby.

I had an interesting experience the other day regarding Mom. I have a touch-base cell phone. This means my phone likes to dial people on its own or go to odd pages when I throw it down into my purse. It’s a quirky, little thing that I usually like to scream at. I was worrying about a situation with a loved one when I threw down my phone onto the table and left the room. When I came back, I looked down to see that the phone had opened up to the Calendar page to a date: May 5th. I felt shivers run through me. I will never forget that day. It was my Mom’s graduation to spirit. She was letting me know things would be okay.

Losing a mom at any age is a humbling experience. It’s a loss that goes down to the core and you need a great deal of time to heal and readjust. Even if you didn’t get along or you may have had a horrendous mother, it still shocks you and rearranges you. My mom had her faults, but she was a good mom who was very nurturing to me. I’m thinking that’s why she visits a lot; she’s still caring for me.

My mom has been making many spirit appearances especially in the last few years since I went through the Trauma of 2009. I think she knows I still need a Mom. In my meditations, she makes herself known by sending a mind picture of an owl. (She collected owl figurines). She has her own perspective on things, she’s not all-wise, but she still wants to help.

How do I know they are actual visits and not my desires and hopes? Or worse, these visits are the devil playing tricks on me?

For the first question, the answer is “I’m psychic. Duh.”

No, seriously, after years and years of developing my psychic, natural abilities, I can tell what is a spirit visit and what is my mind. With a spirit visit, you actually feel a presence in the room with you. I often get a “spirit hug” or my ear rings. The air shifts too. I will have an emotional reaction that bubbles up from within me. Mom feels less corporal or in a body since she’s been “over there” for quite a long time. And I can’t MAKE these visits occur or force her to give me answers. It doesn’t seem to work that way for me. We have quickie conservations mostly. I think if I was really out of it and in deep meditation I’d have more interactions with her. My mind wouldn’t be so in the way. The dream state has been best for that kind of communication; that’s where we usually hang out together.

Oh, and the second question about the devil, I bring this one up because many folks having psychic visits, go straight into fear from their religious teachings. That’s not helpful and it’s uninformed. My Mom isn’t some waking zombie from the dead visiting me, and if the devil wants to influence and trick me he already met me in the Trauma of 2009. He doesn’t need to come to me as my dead mother.

What is the biggest lesson or gift with my mom visits, is that constant reminder that we don’t lose that connection to whom we love. Love, like energy, doesn’t die. It more like floats. There’s just different dimensions or levels to bounce around in, and when I’m really open or in tuned, I can hear, or feel, or see.  At least, that’s my experience.

What’s yours?

Are you a popper-outer?

3 Apr

As a sensitive, do you have the habit of popping out? I mean, do you find yourself leaving your body a great deal when either under attack or on overwhelm? Many of us developed this “skill” as child empaths either from an abuse situation, or in my case, from having an illness. As a child, to avoid feeling pain, I’d often find myself “sitting on the ceiling” looking down. I do believe today, this trick allows me to communicate with spirit so easily, or even talk to animals that are halfway across the world. But how do you control this gift? It’s not conducive to many conversations if one moment you are there and the next you are blurry-eyed and vacant, right? (Although with some threatening or clueless people, they don’t even notice you leave.)

I look to Tool #38 from Help! I’m Sensitive.

Problem 38: Leaving your body

Sensitive tool: Grounding

Lisa Campion has a great article on her blog about grounding and shielding for Empaths. She says that empaths, when overloaded, leave their bodies. I can attest to that!

During a period of time, whenever I felt emotionally attacked I’d find myself seeing a symbol and leaving my body to some astral place. From some detective work, I realized that this was a skill I learned in childhood when I had bad stomach problems and I didn’t want to be in my body in pain. So, I’d find myself sitting next to the ceiling looking down.

This skill helps me in my work locate a lost animal or talk to someone who has passed, but doesn’t need to be there in my everyday life. The tool needed here is grounding. I am stronger when I stand tall and firm in my space. Once I felt less vulnerable and stronger and was able to speak my feelings, I left less and less.

Feeling your legs and reaffirming that you are safe is the tool to use here. Carry a tourmaline rock in your pocket. Its healing qualities will pull you right back in and keep you on the earth.

It’s also important to notice, where and with whom you feel this urge to leave. Why are you feeling unsafe? Can you speak your mind or your fears to that person? Perhaps, empathically you are registering that this person is unsafe for you. Honor this as best you can, limit your exposure, and then always make sure there is extra protections for you put in place whenever you have to deal with this person.

Next Tour Destination

1 Mar

Follow me as we pack our bags and head on over to Australia again! It’s the lovely and very wise Monique Williams and her blog and coaching site. Monique addresses Tip and Tool #49 and she does it beautifully.


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Book Review: Paranormal

16 Feb

Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife by Raymond Moody, MD, and Paul Perry (HarperOne, 2012)

I was asked by TLC Book Tours to review this book in my blog. Since I love anything on the subject of the paranormal, and have read Dr. Moody’s previous book, Life After Life, I jumped at the chance.

The book’s title is misleading as it is more about Dr. Moody’s life-long pursuit of proving that the near-death experience is a normal happening in the human existence vs. “paranormal.”

This is a memoir that begins with him explaining his fascination with the subject after being told of an uncle’s childhood dog that appeared to come back to life after being hit by truck, but later reappeared in the flesh.

His was a loving, close-knit family that encouraged his curiosity but was later disrupted when his father reappeared after being sent away to war. It’s his father’s reappearance that started his fight between his father’s world, with a surgeon’s mind of only logic and facts, vs. the exploration of the unseen and seemingly impossible.

Another important key in his quest was the loss of his beloved, nurturing grandfather, who later has a stroke and was unable to fully communicate or support his grandson as he once did.

How I differ in many of the reviewers on this tour, is I, like many of my blog readers, have a deep knowing that there is an afterlife. I don’t need to be convinced. I’ve had multiple visits from “spirits” throughout my life starting when I was very young, and the seemingly impossible is my norm, with each day and each exploration opening up the doorway of perception to what is real. I didn’t read this book as a skeptic, because I have this ability. So, instead, I read his life tale cheerleading him on that he indeed would find lots of proof of the afterlife he could document and share with the rest of the world, and he does, through his many scientific experiments.

His beginning experiments were met with enthusiasm, but the more he advanced in his career he ventured into more riskier or more “woo-woo” areas such as crystal-scrying, that led to using mirrors to meet with deceased loved ones, that  much of the medical community, especially his logic-bearing, rigid father concluded he had lost his mind. He had veered too out of the mainstream for them to accept.

Paramount to his struggle throughout his life, and what I thought was ironic, was that the medical community he worked with solely based their conclusions on logic, and not any form of true intuition or perception, therefore, they missed the crucial diagnosis he had of a dangerous thyroid illness that kept him ill most of his life!  But it was this same illness that allowed him to eventually have true, first-hand understanding of his life-long work into the near-death experience.

I enjoyed the book which held my interest. It is a little slow-going at first as I was anxious to jump right into his near-death work, but knowing his early beginnings contributed and helped me understand his overall story better.

Walking away from reading it, I did have the thought that his pursuit for later contact with passed loved ones was on the surface a desire to help those that are grieving, but maybe more of a personal desire to finally heal that personal wound of experiencing many loved ones in childhood who were there in physical body but unattainable/untouchable in spirit.

Thank you to Trish for allowing me to review this book. To continue on in the book tour and read what others have reviewed go to the master schedule here.

Ronni’s Psychic Tip

14 Feb

This one is for the sensitive:

Feeling suddenly weepy or very emotional? It may not be empathic sponging (picking up other people’s stuff)! Check your blood sugar! You might be a little low and just need to eat something.

Empathic? Sensitive? Sign up for the Care of the Sensitive class

10 Feb

One of my ongoing classes, The Care of the Sensitive class, is created to give you tools to nurture your sensitive self. In the class, I follow Nature and give those fun, Nature tools to assist you, whether flower essences, or baths, or calling on a plant. Sign up anytime and start that Friday. For details and to sign up go here.

From the class:

Flower Essences for Fear

19 Jan

The energies lately have been intense and bizarre. I’ve been doing a great deal of releasing of old stuff lately as different buttons have been pushed and poked at. Releasing is never really fun or pretty, but very necessary. With releasing usually comes FEAR. It’s one of those big emotions that blanket all the other ones we’ve kept inside. I’ve been guided back to Nature for support and help. Here’s some really good flower essences that help ease fear. Those with stars next to them are offered in my online shop on this website.

  1. One of my favorite essences is Bach Remedies’ Aspen. It’s perfect for free-flowing anxiety, psychic contamination (when you are empathically picking up others’ fears.) A few drops under the tongue is all that is needed. This essence can be repeated often until you feel calm again. Bach Remedies can be found in most health food stores.
  2. Fear of moving forward? Gilia* is a cool purple flower that is great for that. Take it with Squash* (the balls essence) and you will be forging ahead in spite of any fear.
  3. Fear for loved ones and their paths? Take Bach Remedies’ Red Chestnut. It’s for the worrier.
  4. Panic? That kind of fear? Take Rock Rose or Rescue Remedy, both Bach Remedies. If I fly, which I hardly ever do, I take the Rescue Remedy. I took this one when I recently made it to the dentist. Oooh, scary.

Enjoy the support of Nature! When I am lost in fears, one of the best thing I can do is head out to Nature to re-balance and to feel more grounded. When I am grounded, or calm, I can then see and think straight and can see what fears are legitimate, and which ones are just old stuff coming to the surface.

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