Animal Communication Readings

I’ve been an animal communicator since 1999

My Background…

Hello! My name is Ronni Rose-Swanson. After losing my mom to cancer in 1995 I reconnected to my intuitive abilities from childhood that were long shut down. This loss led me to study with Teresa Wagner and Anita Curtis, well-known animal communicators in the field. In 1999, I opened my practice in Pennsylvania talking to the horses in barns, the 4-H groups, and private, national dog and cat pet parents. By the time I moved to Arizona in 2000, my business blossomed and I starred in an animal communication pilot show focused on animal after-death communication, shot in beautiful Sedona, my specialty.

In 2005, I created an online, international school that included animal communication, but also flower essences, help for the sensitive, and fun fairy classes (Fairy Online School). I wanted to take sometimes tough topics and make the learning fun and engaging. I specialized in working with empaths and sensitive people, like myself, even writing a book series, Help! I’m Sensitive. The school was considered an online pioneer in the healing field.

In 2015, I retired from readings and closed the school to focus on my design and illustration business, a Master’s degree focused on design for learning, and co-raising my step kids. During that time my intuitive abilities began to burst outward and upward. About three years ago, after I had asked him how to “make my abilities go away,” my chiropractor/healer told me point blank I needed to use them, and I was a “bridge” between worlds. I needed to help others again, but now in a much more grounded space. I sought out Seth Michael, a medium, for mentoring.  I realized that being an empath is a part of who I am and will always be, as well as being that healer that wants to be of service. 

Today, our animal companions are working double time to support us through the heavy stresses post Pandemic. They need our support now more than ever, as do we! I look forward to helping you and your animals have much needed answers and compassionate support, and greater peace of mind.

How’s it Work

I act as a detective solving mysteries. Questions like, Why doesn’t she get along with my new cat? Is she hurting? She seems sad, what is she feeling? What are they helping me with?  The goal of any reading is closer, more connected relationship between you and your animal companion. Most readings are like diving for treasure. We might start in the shallow end with simple answers, and as we probe deeper we find the gold, or what the true issue and needs are. 

I need a recent photo of your animal and questions

There’s a bit of magic in conducting readings as I can connect through a photograph. I first feel empathically your animal’s unique personality and step into their paws, so to speak. I then receive images in my mind, feelings, and thoughts, and sometimes, just a “knowing” as the animal communicates. I often hear words also. If we are we on Zoom or FB Video I can connect by seeing your animal, which is helpful. You will want to prepare about five main questions you want to know from an animal, and perhaps, a goal of what information you are seeking. Keep in mind, keeping the questions open-ended gives more answers. It’s also important to not share too much information. I want the information to come from the animal and not be blocked or swayed by facts you provide ahead of time.

Your Animal Provides the Information

Important to note, I usually receive only what your animal communicates to me. If your animal is a high energy “talker” I will receive a ton of information. For example, I once spoke with a puppy and the puppy would chat like crazy and then just stopped every time the puppy saw something interesting – a sock, a toy, his cat. There was a great deal of on and off communication. Also note, your animal is not a veterinarian but can communicate where parts of its body hurts or can show me problem images. 

Behavioral, Health, or Emotional Issues

Many animal moms and dads come to me concerned on what an animal is feeling or needing, or if she/he is having a behavioral issue. In these situations I connect to the animal for his/her perspective and needs. For an animal conflict, I connect to each animal to see what each is feeling and their perspective to come to an understanding with each other, or to give their person a different perspective to handle the situation. Many cases might need a trainer to assist and I refer one. For health issues, always take your animal to a veterinarian. The information I provide helps direct the doctor to problem areas that are needing attention.  

After Death Communication

Not only am I able to connect to your animal’s feelings and thoughts, but I can connect to animals that have crossed over, providing a bridge, which is a specialty. One of the hardest parts of being an animal parent, is losing them. I have felt this pain too often. Being able to reconnect often buffers that pain and helps to keep the connection going in Spirit if it is healthy to do so. I feel that animals that come to me are coordinated on the other side to show up, but in the rare situation your particular animal doesn’t show up, I ask that you are open to who shows up to talk, and sometimes, that is a person.

Other Situations

Although I have successfully conducted lost animal cases I do refer them out to a few communicators that specialize in that skill. 

Code of Ethics

I have always followed Penelope Smith’s Animal Communicator Code of Ethics with the intention of doing no harm, but only of being of assistance.

Types of Readings:

    Animal Phone or Zoom/FB Chat Regular Reading

On my own, in a quiet space with no distractions, I connect ahead to your animal with your goals and questions in mind before a reading and do a pre-reading. Then you and I connect on the phone or zoom/FB chat with your animal and discuss my initial communication and cover your questions in a slot slated for you to discuss what I received and ask for further clarification in a hour or half session. Basically, you are getting an hour and a half reading (for an hour session), and an hour for a half hour session. I can provide a typed transcript of the session with the animal to you sent in an email after the session. After death communication falls under this category.

   Animal Phone Reading Follow-up 

Same as above process but intended for a follow-up reading after the initial reading. Contact me to arrange.

2023 Reading Times

Readings are scheduled for Mondays, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon/evenings or Saturday morning time slots at this time. I am Arizona time. When you contact me, we can arrange the time. 

Important: Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment is expected before the reading to reserve the space. Please allow 24 hours or more ahead for cancellations. Readings without 24 hour notice are not refunded. No shows are not refunded. Do respect my time. Payment is through Venmo or Paypal (you can click on the buttons below), or check by arrangement. If I am unable to reach or connect to your animal, I will let you know, and the session is fully refunded.

Payment Options:

Venmo: Ronni-RoseSwanson

Check: Email to arrange

Paypal: Email to arrange

2023 Prices:

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Email me and Arrange Payment

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