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Sensitive, Empathic or Celery?

1 Oct


Not everyone that is sensitive is empathic. Not all folks that are sensitive are highly sensitive. And some, are celery. I realized this a few months back when I met a bunch of folks all at once who were sensitive (I tend to draw in lots of sensitive people, I’m guessing because like attracts like, or perhaps, because I wrote a book on it), but not all were empathic, or even highly sensitive. You can be one that is very feeling-sensitive, meaning, your feelings are easily hurt, but you don’t have a clue what someone else is feeling. Some folks don’t even care, and then fall into the Insensitive category.

Sensitive Empathic.

A sensitive empathic person, who I like to write about it here on the blog, is one that is not only sensitive to the environment, energy or feelings, but who is also empathetic to others’ feelings. This type of person can feel what others are feeling as if those feelings are their own. They are great at reading others, and tuning into a room and knowing what “radio dial” of emotion that room is set at, and have the habit of picking up lots of stuff that isn’t their own.


A sensitive person is one that can have their feelings easily hurt, may feel some things deeply and others things not so deeply, can understand other people sometimes, but may not be empathic in anyway, or tuned in to intuition, or that spiritual connection or energy. Some sensitive people can be very un-empathic with others’ feelings because they fall more in the celery category, and it can be very confusing to other sensitive people, who assume because someone is sensitive, they are also tuned into the feelings of others.

Highly Sensitive.

I just love Elaine Aron’s book, The Highly Sensitive Person. She talks of the special class of folks that are Sensitive Empaths who are, you guessed it, also highly sensitive. Not a freak of Nature, but I think, more of an evolution, these sensitive have bodies that are wired to pick up all kinds of energies and frequencies, that many can not. They process and take in a great deal at one time.


Celery are not bad or good, and no judgement by the way, I just chose the word Celery because it came to mind, and I think I’m hungry. (Yeah, now that I think of it, I’m craving a big salad). Celery folks are not sensitive or empathic. They are the thick-skinned which most the time stuff, just bounces off their backs. They are the opposite of the empathic and are here for balance,  and the empaths are here to balance them. We need the folks that are not empathic at all and can live in a world that pretty much just includes their feelings and that’s it. To the empath, this would be like a vacation! And the Celery need desperately to learn how to be more empathic and consider others’ feelings too. The Celery are often extroverts that are able to have a bubble around them that is just their world.

The Insensitive.

We can all have our moments when we are insensitive, especially times when we are too involved in our own stuff to think of others, or when we are so overloaded that we just shut down and off (common in the highly sensitive or sensitive empathic). No one is immune to this dilemma. But then there are the category of folks that are just insensitive and mean. I tend to believe that deep, deep down, these folks are very sensitive and have big walls up to protect themselves that have harden to clay and now they don’t feel not much at all. It is best to avoid the insensitive and remind yourself, it is not your job to melt their clay, nor can you.

So, which are you? Have you met the different degrees of sensitivity? Do you recognize any of these in yourself or others?


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Empath on tv

24 Oct

How very cool…renting on Netflix Season 5 of Ghost Whisperer. Melinda’s son is an empath! His abilities are a bit exaggerated for television but kinda right on. “He can share other people’s feelings.” And how very cool that I was guided to rent the show.

Hey, that’s not mine!

31 May

The message I learned in dream school last night with my Guides, is to not take on others’ problems. That’s their life lessons and their earth school. You wouldn’t complete someone else’s math class in high school, would you? You’d offer tutoring and help, but not do the work for them. This lesson can be so hard for Empaths. We feel all the stuff going on around us so strongly, especially now with the energies going up a notch or two. But it’s important that when you react to someone else, to take a second to identify if it’s just someone else’s stuff. Protect yourself. Stand your ground. Speak your truth. Walk away from it. Too many times in my life I allowed someone else’s stuff to affect me and I allowed it to trigger me when I took it personally. Sure, keep looking at your own stuff. That’s what we are here to do. But sometimes it IS about someone else. Don’t star in their movies! (That was the message I got. And a good one at that).

For help with your sensitivity, see my Psychic tips, or sign up for the Care of the Sensitive class on the Online Classes page. You can also sign up for a reading.  I am also working hard on a new Ebook to help you.

Spirit Message on Earth energies now

3 Nov

My friends and I seem to all be having a tough time of it lately emotionally. So much stirring up, and so much core stuff being jiggled to the top, so I went into meditation and asked my helpers what was happening! Here’s the message I received (this is what came out verbatim. Please ignore the grammar errors!)

“Restructuring happening with everything. What you are feeling–crashing down of defenses–an influx of energy coming in to clear and cleanse, put into place, to restore order. But first there is a release. In all healing there is a release of old and what is not working or damaged. This can be dramatic.

 Establish a middle, a center, a safe place within, among the “ruin.”

The empaths are feeling it the most–seeing restructuring on many levels, feeling others’ releases. Tremendous change is being experience on all levels for everyone.

For each person there will be a different direction given (on what to do to feel peace again). An inner voice telling you what needs to be done to restore your own inner order. That is the greater purpose–to reconnect to that inner, wise voice.”

I hope that helps a bit!

The importance of rest

1 Oct

I learned a valuable lesson this weekend. As an empath, it’s quite easy for me to pick up everyone’s “stuff” and be a giant, psychic sponge. I have to be very vigilant in creating protection and clearing that stuff out. Yesterday, I was becoming increasingly cranky and punchy, and I repeatedly ignored my own body’s cry for rest. My psychic channels were clogging–my head hurt. After I finally lied down to take that rest, I woke up clear-headed, calm, and hearing my own guidance. All from resting! Was that possible? When I’m tired, my defenses are down and all the goop in the air comes flying in. Next, I’ll become un-centered. When I’m in that state, I race around trying to take care of everyone’s needs except my own. After that, I can’t hear my own guidance. I only hear my logical mind, which gives some odd advice. So, napping is good psychic self-care!

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