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Animal Communication – Getting it “right”

13 Feb

A repost but this info still holds true, I thought I’d share.

When I teach budding animal communicators their biggest complaint is the same. But what if I am wrong? It feels like and is an enormous responsibility to provide answers to a grieving or troubled pet parent. Why is my animal sick? Why did he die? Why is he fighting with his sister? And we tune in and look for answers. The right answers the client needs.

Once in while I would have a client who would “test” me, but they were very rare. They wanted to see if I was truly “psychic.” But telepathic communication isn’t about being psychic. You are simply connecting one on one. You can’t give answers you aren’t hearing.

What can you do to relieve the pressure besides exploding after a reading or having a stiff drink? Here’s what I have learned that has helped me through the years.

  1. Let the animal provide the PROOF and the answers.

Sounds strange when I say let the animal have all the pressure, but it isn’t like that. Ask the animals open-ended questions. Instead of “What is your favorite food?,” show a bowl in your head and let the animal fill up the bowl. Ask the animal how they are feeling and what they think is wrong, vs. “What disease do you have?” Nothing shuts down the intuitive connection then very, very specific questions which narrows the answers you could receive. It’s the difference between letting it flow and forcing. Forcing never works. Ever try to shoot a ball into a basket? Notice the difference between relaxed focus and trying really, really hard.

2. Get in that relaxed space first.

Most students think they have to meditate for years to be a good communicator with animals. This always makes me laugh. I have one very active mind that doesn’t shut off. I am tuned in a great deal of the time, but I don’t meditate. The space between awake and falling asleep is THE perfect time to try to connect because you are just letting things flow in and out, and I almost always trust the answers that come then because my mind isn’t in the way.

3. You are going be wrong sometimes.

You might be tired, or you might be triggered by what issues the animal is having, or you might be forcing and your own stuff or thoughts will get it in the way. It’s not a perfect science, which is frustrating but true. And we are not perfect filters. If the animals could just talk out loud you would know for sure what they are communicating, but even then, like in conversations with people, things can be misconstrued. Thank goodness we don’t text with our animals.

4. Remind yourself you are not a veterinarian, unless of course you are one. 

This is a biggie! I pride myself that I was very good at receiving information on an animal’s health, but I was never good at veterinary science. There’s so much I don’t know, like a backache could be from kidney issues. All an animal can describe is their symptoms and you might be able to see into the body, but you need to have a working knowledge of what you are seeing, and that’s not your job. I could describe that an animal has what feels like a ball in its ear, but I might not know that’s a cyst. Don’t try to be an expert, let the client know they need a doctor.

5. I want to see you screw up and get back up again.

I like when students just relax during practice and have fun. They can screw up and get the answer all wrong and still try again. As a teacher, I am more impressed by that. Practice is for having fun and test-driving animal communication. Less pressure = more surprises and more information coming through. The most clearest communication sometimes consists of an unusual answer your mind couldn’t have possibly come up with.

The most clearest communication sometimes consists of an unusual answer your mind couldn’t have possibly come up with.

6. Sometimes a bed is just a bed.

Many times you get info and you jump to the conclusion that you are all wrong, when it was the interpretation of what you received that didn’t match, and that’s when it is best to simply describe what you are feeling, seeing and the thoughts you are getting. I would provide what I was seeing and the person could make those connections. If I was seeing a blue, natty looking blanket, I described that. That’s where I can be very specific. The dog’s person knows that blanket well and understands.That’s her dog’s favorite blanket! If I added my interpretation that I think that blanket means the animal wants a nap, I will risk being all wrong, and well, the dog will be super frustrated with me.

Take the pressure off and focus on being a better listener instead. Two different focuses, but one has less headaches and better communication.

For a reading, head on over to here.

Reading energy and the movies

3 Sep

Continuing with the Preview Week and Open House at Fairy & Empath Online School, the following is from THE EMPATH SKILLS CLASS, which starts September 26th. This week only, Subscribers sign up for class and get Care of the Sensitive Workshop 1 FREE or Better Boundaries of the Sensitive audio class.

Reading Energy and the Movies

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.00.37 AM

We read the energy of the animal or spirit we communicate with. But, do you realize that whenever you pick up a magazine, you are bombarded with subliminal messages and energies? What a great gift it is that you have the ability to read energy and pick it up before it reaches you.

For instance, picking up the latest fashion women’s magazine, GLAMOUR, I notice there are lots of articles and photos thrown at me that are expecting me to look a certain way. There’s Do’s and Don’ts for dressing, ads with skinny and tall models, and clothing outfits they want me to buy and wear. If I walk away from reading it feeling awful and insecure, it was because I didn’t recognize the subtle energies coming at me, and that the radio dial or frequency was set to “Perfected Appearance.” On the other hand, if I pick up OPRAH magazine, I feel uplifted and hopeful, even educated. This magazine is set to HOPE or EMPOWERMENT, so I walk away positively influenced.

Naming it is a great way to separate out what is sent at you before it becomes yours.

I love movies and belong to Netflix. I can’t wait to run out to the mailbox each day and receive my little red envelope with my movie. I’ve watched a great deal of movies and television series in the last year, fine-tuning my ability to discern what shows are best for me and what ones bring me down.

I recently rented a compilation DVD of ghost-hunting movies and shows. I like Ghost Hunters which is a show where a team of ghost hunters go into homes to help solve their ghost mysteries. Their intent is to help, and although spooky things happen, the show doesn’t usually upset me. I felt awful watching the collection though. I could feel a little nauseous, anxious and uncomfortable. That night, I didn’t want to turn the lights out to go to sleep! The show’s radio dial was set to FEAR, which in my body, registered as anxiety. When my dial went to fear, all of my fears were nudged up to the surface. Not something I wanted or was helpful to me.

Now it’s your turn to go to the movies.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.09.30 AM

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What is mercury retrograde?!

1 Mar


We’ve heard a lot about Mercury Retrograde lately and when the planets are in this situation not to plan, etc. I was super curious. What is this? Does it really affect people? As empaths, how would it affect us?

Ironically, as I was planning to write this post, fellow colleague Natalia Kuna, just posted this great blog post defining what Mercury Retrograde was! You can read the post here.

I did some more digging.

Over at Astrology Zone Mercury Retrograde sounds like a time of chaos, but the positive affects are really big psychological breakthroughs.

My friend Jennifer over at FemCentral gives us another aspect of this time and explains that “When you experience problems during a retrograde, it is not the retrograde CAUSING the problems. It’s just that retrogrades brings submerged problems to the surface, so you can catch and fix them before they turn into something worse.”*  She also suggests to look at the planet the retrograde is in. Catch that post over here. Sounds like introspective Pisces is where Mercury is hanging out.

Empathically, to me, this period feels very wide open emotionally. It feels less like chaos to me lately, thank goodness, but there has been much more profound insights when I sit down and listen. I am feeling more raw and vulnerable and I am picking up a great deal more sponge-wise then I usually do, so maybe Retrograde is a great time to work on strengthening those boundary walls. (I’ve noticed, also, everyone seems more reactive.)

And techie problems? Come to think of it, yesterday I tried three times to upload my new little film and when it finally did make its appearance on my site, it was all skippy in places.

How are you feeling?


*from post “What’s Really Going On When a Planet Goes Retrograde,” (August 5, 2011, Jennifer L. Shelton, Femcentral)

The Part-Fairy Survival Kit at the Guardian Gateway Telesummit

25 Jan

Screen Shot 2013-01-25 at 12.56.09 PMI’m excited!

My topic: The Part-Fairy Survival Kit

On Tuesday, 10 AM Pacific, I will be interviewed as part of the Guardian Gateway Telesummit. It looks super cool. My topic is The Part-Fairy Survival Kit! I’ll cover:

  • the secret to seeing and hearing the Fairy Realm
  • learn how Nature can help you heal
  • find out if you are part fairy and what you need to survive and thrive

Here’s Details:

 I am excited to share with you a FREE one-of-a-kind event taking place this month: The Guardian Gateway Telesummit.

Twenty teachers are coming together to show you how to connect and work with the high-vibrational Beings—angels, unicorns, faeries, dolphins, plant spirits, power animals, and more—who are guardians and supporters of your gifts and soul purpose.

My colleague Kim Wilborn will be interview 20 powerful teachers who will show you how to work with the Guardian Energy that is SO wanting to help each one of us… and the world.

There’s no cost to attend, and even if you can’t attend the talks live, you will get access to each replay for 48 hours.

I cordially invite you to be my guest at this wonderful event. You’ll learn how to work with the High-Vibrational Beings who are waiting to:

  •  ~ Bring solutions to your everyday problems
  •  ~ Assist you in everything you do
  •  ~ Give you the wisdom and support you need to live your best life
  •  ~ Help you discover and live your life purpose
  •  ~ Raise your vibration and improve what you attract into your experience
  •  ~ Assist you in manifesting your heart-based desires
  •  ~ Provide an unshakable support system

 You’ll experience:

  • ~ Jean Slatter: Learn How to Hire From the Heavens
  • ~ Steven Farmer: Receiving Guidance from the Spirits of Nature
  • ~ Linda Shay: Joyful Spirit Dolphins…At Your Service
  • ~ Sue Storm: Angels for Prosperity
  • ~ Pam Montgomery: Discovering Your Personal Plant Spirit Ally
  • ~ Ronni Ann Hall: The Part-Fairy Survival Kit
  • ~ Cordelia Brabbs: Your Miracles Team
  • ~ Raven Many Voices: Dragons – Finding Your Fire Within
  • ~ Monique Hunt: Connect with Your Spirit Guide council
  • ~ Elvia Nina Roe: Meet Your Angels
  • ~ Helen Oceanheart: Open Your Heart to the Whales and Dolphins
  • ~ Max Ryan: Raising Your Vibration with the Angels
  • ~ Kimberly Mulrooney: Angels on Call
  • ~ Lesley Morrison: The Healing Wisdom of Birds
  • ~ Annie Day: Tree Spirit Healing
  • ~ Carrie Hart: Power Animals Unleashed
  • ~ Theolyn Cortens: The Teachings of the Nephalim
  • ~ Bernadette Wulf: Faeries Among Us
  • ~ Robbie Holz: Working with a Celestial Team

If you would like your life to be easier, happier, and more in alignment with your Soul Purpose, register today for the FREE [] Guardian Gateway Telesummit.

“See” you there!

The Anti-Marketing Campaign for Fairy School

14 Nov

Friday starts a new session of the Fairy Online School. We always have fun and I love sharing what I’ve learned with folks so they have lots of tools and feel empowered. This year I’ve learned so much about marketing and there seems to be lots of formulas zooming around, that to me, have actually gotten me turned off from most marketing I receive. I tried some of that and I didn’t enjoy it, and it didn’t work for my tribe. All that type of marketing actually exhausted me, taking away from my creativity. So instead, I will do the Ronni method. (Okay, to be fair, I did make that funky trailer, but that was fun to make.) Classes start Friday and if you are interested and you really feel you can benefit right now with what is being offered, do sign up. I’d love to work with and assist you, and I know you will have fun. There’s a two payment option, and Paypal Bill Me Later for most classes, and many are very affordable under $60.00.

And for the many on small budgets, I offer my new TREAT SHOP, where you can pick up a tool or two for under $20.00 that can really help while still supporting the writer/artist to be able to eat..hey, that’s me! I love win-win situations.

I could bug you via email over and over until the day school starts, but I had one organization do that to me and it felt like Mom nagging me to do the dishes. Hmmm…not so much.

Look forward to working with the new students and fairy blessings to you,


Psychic Premonitions and Fear

7 Nov


As I headed to nearby Prescott to have a last visit with one of my closest friends before she moved, I felt a growing uneasiness. Yes, I had just made a long trip to Phoenix which was a little nerve-wracking and so I had leftover nerves, and yes, I was feeling very emotional as my car moved in the direction out of town.

I don’t like climbing hills or racing down them. When I am ungrounded, it gives me the feeling of being out of control. Come to think of it, I don’t like that feeling when I’m very grounded. There’s a part of the highway that curves upwards and although there is a guardrail, it does give you the sensation of flying through the air very close to the edge. (A little of what many of us are now feeling in our lives.)

As I accelerated up the hill and prayed I wouldn’t have to pass any huge trucks and have to change into the left lane next to the abyss, I began to feel growing panic; almost dissociative panic.

“Breathe, Ronni, Breathe, ” I told myself. “Feel your legs connected to the ground.”

I concluded that it was just all the emotions welling up inside me from my friend moving, and the high emotions of the past few weeks.

We had a lovely visit and I told my friend about the driving experience and then we talked about other pressing matters, like her move.

Heading back after a pitstop at the craft store (shopping therapy), I zoomed down the roads with very little traffic, which was unusual. I turned on the radio to hear one of my favorite old songs belting “You know you got to slow down, you’ve been working too hard and that’s a fact.”

I sang along until…there was huge line of traffic down the steep part of the road that bends scary to the left. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Oh great! That’s just mean!

We were all inching along in single file. At least I wouldn’t have to worry about driving down the hill too fast and feeling out of control. It was time to learn how to use my lower driving gears.

We all rubbernecked as the emergency workers guided us around a mangled, black and white car. Hopefully, the driver was alive and only scraped up, I thought. 

A little pass the car and the road was clear and I wasn’t that far from home. I could calm down now. And then it hit me. That was the area I felt those feelings. Before it happened. Possibly because I was in great fear I register the event about to happen or the conditions building to happen.

Coincidence? Premonition? Empathic hit? What do you think?


Why can’t I hear my dog or loved one, but you can?

18 Sep

Often, this is the question I get the most with students and other people. I even found an old email I gratefully missed seeing berating me for claiming that I could talk to my departed mother. How do I answer that?

For one thing, yes, I can talk to animals and feel spirits. The spirits more like drop in and out on occasion. I can’t conjure up. It’s more like having someone call you up on the telephone. I’m not delusional, I’ve been relatively grounded, and I’m psychologically sound even though life has really roughed me up a bit, and I’ve concluded that it was that “roughing up” that allowed me to hear or see.

Here’s one of my theories

Many of the friends I have that are truly “psychic,” which is really aware of other dimensions, or simply, what’s beyond THIS, have had in their life some kind of experience that caused them to pop out of their bodies from some kind of trauma. During that popping out they noticed “hey, there’s something else here.” No, they didn’t go into the devil’s world, which at least, I hope not. When I was a kid, I had such chronic pain that it was an easy thing to just pop out and hang out on the ceiling then feel that pain all the time (by the way, animals do this.) I was already very empathic, just like mother, and I think that’s how–the popping out–was why I also able to readily hear guidance.

Some folks need their worlds to fall apart to experience that there’s more then what’s here. GRIEF can open you up completely or…shut you down. That’s one big reason you can’t hear your loved one or your departed dog. There isn’t a thing you did wrong or something wrong with you. What I know from experience is when I am very upset and angry at the world, I can’t access any guidance. I feel cut off and stranded. I think with grief, you’re in a protective mode. You need to be insulated so you can heal. And then later on, you can hear or feel and connect to loved ones.

Some folks have had trauma and hurt early on and have always been shut down. It’s safer that way when the world is an unsafe place. But if you asked them, they will recall little signs that happened in their lives that showed them they were watched over, if they are willing to see it.

Lots of people could hear and see when they were children. But as they grew up and life got hard, they forgotten this.

Some folks are very left-brained and they experience the world solely from the mind, and therefore, won’t hear or see. (They need to rent movies like DRAGONFLY.) That’s not their path to hear.

Don’t Push

When I hear students say this, I always question if they are pushing or trying to hear/feel. That always shuts things down. Then your mind comes in and takes over. They are almost always missing the SUBTLE signs of communication and dismissing it as nothing, but it’s there. They are feeling hugged (those goosebumps out of nowhere), having songs come into their heads out of nowhere, seeing a shadow run across the room or a blink of light. That’s the communication! It doesn’t have to be a full-blown ghost giving a six page message. That’s just television! And always with their animals, they just need validation that they are already picking up a ton of information from their animals. How can they not? They are so connected to them.

I’ve always thought like a scientist. I need proof to believe and I need to experience it. Most folks are like that. So, if they don’t experience it or see it, why would they believe it? And the interesting thing is, when you have lots of experiences and you start to believe, the experiences increase.

No, I’m not special at all because I pick up things from spirits or know what dogs feel and think. I actually curse it sometimes when I have headaches from it and overload all the time, and pick up psychically what I really don’t want to or is helpful to me. I really don’t appreciate when people think I’m nuts. I don’t hear all the time, either, by the way. Sometimes, I stare at my dogs wondering what they want and can’t hear anything at all. Being sensitive can be a really big hindrance in my life, especially in my relationships, but it’s also a gift that can help others (I get to write about it.) And there are many out there who totally relate to this, who often come here.

Just Keep the Gate Open

The big thing is, if you are missing or grieving someone and you can’t feel or hear them, it doesn’t mean they have abandoned you or there’s no after-life, or worse, everyone who can is crazy. Right now, in this moment, you can’t. It’s not forever, and maybe there’s a reason, like I mentioned before. Instead, just leave that door open to possibility. That’s all you need for the world to surprise you. And boy, will it.


If you are interested in developing your abilities to hear/see/feel, sign up for Fairy Online School to get help and info, which starts September 21st.

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