Dogs and Shifts and Thunderstorms

24 Aug

Foxy our red dog has really felt the shifts lately, then add on top of it, we are having almost daily thunderstorms (monsoons). When I sat down with her and her Guides, I was told her back ache would subside once the storms did. Before the storms is when she paces and has a hard time with the pressure. I at first assumed it was her arthritis flaring. I asked for validation on the message she gave me, and I love when it comes moseying along.

On date night, my husband and I walked around the nearby park. On a whim, we stopped at the dog park to visit everyone sans dogs, which made the regulars laugh. I bumped into Ruth and her dog Easy (a sweatheart of a sheltie). Ruth told me she had back ache troubles from the storm. She told me that her doctor told her it wasn’t arthritis but the barometric pressure building before the storm was the cause of her problems. Once the storm passes, the pressure relieves. (Now that’s a release!) She also said we had a bad storm season this year with lots of monsoons (maybe from the earth changes and shifts?)

Foxy had said she felt the pressure coming right down onto her back. No wonder it’s so hard for the dogs! I’ve been feeding her tons of flower essences to much success.


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