Throat chakras and the new you

17 Aug

The full moon and the eclipse are pushing out the last bits of the stuff we don’t need regarding expression. Unfortunately, this has been a huge area of healing for me which would explain the big clearing necessary. I’ve had more dreams about helping people heal their throats in the past 2 weeks!

So, what happens once everything is clearer and brighter and we’ve gotten rid of ton of poo? Probably what I am beginning to experience. A bit of an identity crisis! Who am I now? If all that I was was wrapped up in all these false beliefs, now what? Perhaps now I can rethink my world and my path. Go back to the essence of what I loved to do or who I am.

  • I am going to buy some blue hair dye possibly, maybe even pink. I want some streaks in my hair.
  • I want more community support, that seems a bit lacking (except for my blog friends. I love you guys!)
  • I need much more dog kisses in my life after all, Dog is GOD spelled backwards.
  • More steady flow of abundance. I get big bursts than low calms.
  • Less work, more play. That’s a big one. I am such a workaholic.
  • A lot less effort in life. It shouldn’t be this much work to get what you need.
  • More color.
  • Less complaints.
  • And finally, no more trying so hard, no more proving myself. It’s all good now. Anyone know where to get some quality blue hair dye?

2 Responses to “Throat chakras and the new you”

  1. Mary August 20, 2008 at 8:07 pm #

    Hi Ronni,
    I loved the part about “much more dog kisses”….. aren’t they the sweetest! They always brigthten my day and warm my heart. Thanks for reminding me how important the seemingly “little” things in life are. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a T-shrit that says something like “Have You had your Dog Kisses today?” with a really cute picture of a dog kissing someone!
    Fairie Blessings,


  2. ronnifairy August 23, 2008 at 3:54 pm #

    Hey Mary! You’re welcome.


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