Weird and Wild Energies

6 Mar

It’s been a wild ride lately. Very lucid dreams, lots of Guide and Angel visits around the clock, big downloads and wacky energy. I love teaching and have been very busy lately. Have other lightworkers noticed how dead things are computer-wise? My blogs have been quiet, online biz very, very quiet, and yet teaching has been very busy and lots of flow. Thank Dog I have that! I am being shown which direction to go. I have felt so many changes to myself lately, it is as if now I am discerning what clothes fit me (biz choices, places to work and things to do) and what to throw out and donate.

Another change has been feeling less affected by even really big changes. I am less swept away with my emotions. Perhaps I am learning DUCK ENERGY. I did flip out yesterday when I found out that my course for next fall at the college was removed without my feedback. But, even then, I was watched out for by the Universe–someone caught the slight and renamed the class and threw it back into the schedule. I have a tendency to think the worse and brace myself (which can make perfect sense after a tortuous 2006 and 7), so it’s been wonderful to see I am being supported and taken care of. I had made an intention and announcement to that end to always feel well taken care of. Lately, I have been given gifts by my students, there’s the college save, our new home to be, and everyday this intention has been evident. Nice…. I have so much to share. Angelbeagle visits, seeing energy, spirits setting off alarms. Stay tuned…

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  1. Brunette Bombshell March 10, 2008 at 7:01 am #

    Yes, always make sure that you are sending the universe positive energy. You know we can manifest anything we want, so believing that you are well taken care of and things will always work for you makes it happen….I think my angels sent me to your site because for the past few days I’ve been complaining about being psychic and how I don’t like it and I wish I wasn’t and blah blah blah, but now after reading your blog I realize I need to embrace it. Thank you for helping even though you didn’t know it. XOXO-Brunette Bombshell


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