7 Mar

I’m happy to say that Ghosthunters Series 3 Part Two is now in stores and we’ve been watching it. It’s my guilty pleasure! I’ve been learning that my other “job” at night has been helping cross over souls! That garden I see often is where souls go after leaving their bodies. Perhaps that was my own soul telling me about this when my absolute passion has been watching everything ghost-related–The Ghostwhisperer show, Ghosthunters, etc.–reading in the past anything Hans Holzer wrote & other ghost story authors, and even specializing for a long time in after-death animal communication when I was a full-blown practicing animal communicator (I focus on teaching mainly now). It would also explain so much death and transition in my life and the easy ability to journey to other realms and talk and see spirits. Lately, this ability has evolved further and I am anxious to see where it is heading and its purpose to heal.

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  1. joyfulseeker March 12, 2008 at 6:30 am #

    Its always nice when we get to indulge a guilty pleasure! I admit to enjoying various ghost hunting shows too, although since we got rid of cable I haven’t had the chance to watch any. 😦 I actually got to be in a show of that genre once called Dead Famous. It was entertaining despite the fact that we were in the city graveyard on what had to have been the coldest night of the entire year! I can definitely say that Buddy Holly is NOT hanging out in the Lubbock, TX cemetery, though many other interesting energies are. Now that I’ve thought about this adventure maybe I’ll blog about it. Check me out in a couple of days for all the deets and some photos from that night. :o)



  2. ronnifairy March 19, 2008 at 3:11 pm #

    Oh, Sarah, I can’t wait until you write about THAT. That is so coool!


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