Nasty fairy moment

18 Aug

One of my favorite posts. I read a great deal about spirituality and how we should always be positive, which with life, is not always possible! After talking to one of my dear friends last night, and we discussed our “darker sides,” we both laughed. She knows how impatient and cranky I get. I thought this post was timely to share with her and my readers.

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I’m experiencing a nasty fairy moment. It could be the half a garlic bread I just scarfed down, or that I overslept this morning and had an amazing dream and had to wake up, or maybe just hormones. Nasty fairy moments are when I am not all positive, happy, and spiritual. Sometimes, they can feel good. After all, that is a lot of pressure to always be positive, happy and spiritual, right? Maybe I need nasty fairy moments.

Nasty fairy moments often include nasty feelings like envy, hostility, negativity, and just plain bitchiness. There’s often a high degree of self pity thrown in there. I’ll say things to myself like, “No one cares.” “Why try, it won’t make a difference.” “I’ve failed before.” These even feel prickly and icky.

I hate the thoughts the most and some can be quite cutting ones that surprise me. I would guess that although I’m mostly…

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