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31 Jul

I love stories. I especially like how stories can help other people heal, learn and grow, or to be uplifted. We need our stories. That was a big reason why I went back to Graduate School, to learn how to technically create visual stories that teach in all the ways you can reach people.  

I am often pulled into other people’s stories, being so sensitive. I have a tough problem with the Facebook Feed often. I get pulled into stories of death, illness, misfortune and pain, and my heart opens so much I can feel it like it is my own, which I know, most of you can relate to. I can’t look at a photo of a dog being mistreated even if it’s to promote a good cause. Those animal communication skills just plug right in and it’s painful. I want to run right into that photo and save the dog, or the pig, or the cow!!! I hear about grief or loss, and I feel and understand their pain. And yes, I create strong boundaries as an Empath to protect me. But I am learning, a really big lesson, that this is about Responsibility.

I’m over-responsible, most sensitive folks are. But just because I can feel your pain and your hurt spots, doesn’t mean I’m the one to fix it. I really want to, but I can’t. I use to carry everyone’s pain and my old role long ago was to be the one willingly to be the “dumpee.” I will hold your pain. Being so strong, I knew I could do it.  As I’ve been in this new role for a long time of not being the one that carries and the “dumpee,” I can clearly look at why I was willing to be in this role.

I’m thinking as a sensitive, little young empath I felt the pain of those I loved the most around me and I sure didn’t want them to feel that. I wanted to make it better. As a child, I probably theorized that since the world revolved around me, which we learn that children at that age think, it was my problem or issue to do something about it. As an adult, I’ve learned it’s not compassionate for me to do this. Not only do I take away other people’s lessons to learn, but their healing to come out from it. And they aren’t getting a chance to be accountable to their own responsibilities either. As healers or teachers we can’t do the healing. I’ve also managed to allow abuse to come at me and be treated horribly, which would definitely come under self-abuse. Ironically, why was I not okay with seeing others suffer, but it was just fine for me to suffer and carry all that pain?

I did a web search today on my first book as I worked on my marketing, as I prepare to share my second book. And I had a wonderful, deep cry. The good kind. I read about a beautiful soul’s sharing how my book helped her and her story to feel not alone in her journey. Finding this, was what it is all about.  And reading her story and her reflecting back to me my words that I needed to hear today, the gift came back to me full circle. Thank you!

Now, looking back, I see that I really have transformed my role. I don’t have to be the “dumpee,” or hold other people’s pain for them, and I definitely don’t have to make it better, even though it still really hurts to see anyone suffer or be in pain. It’s not my job to fix it or for it to be okay for someone to be abusive towards me for any reason. And I am not responsible for things I didn’t do–that’s not my story.

A couple of weeks back, I was really angry at being dumped at unfairly and at the injustices in the world, and I went into a dark, angry place. I wanted to be heard which is good, but that anger only polluted inside me and made me something I’m not, nor want to be.  It didn’t affect the world around me I was angry at, and I didn’t want to become abusive either. I always want to achieve to understand.

But now I can share what I have learned and healed in my story, always with the intent to be kind and to help, so another can heal too, and that’s a much better, happier/healthier role for me to be in.

(Ah, now to to teach this to my very empathic dog 🙂 )

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4 Responses to “Using your story”

  1. Jeanine July 31, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

    Ronni..thank you for sharing your heartwarming story! It touched my heart on many areas and I resonated deeply with your words. This too is me and I have had to surrender myself of letting go the need to fix and take on beaming love through my heart to others. It feels good and I know they receive it on some conscious level as some healing~


    • designingfairy July 31, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

      I like that, Jeanine. We can still help that way.


  2. David Wagenfeld July 31, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    Excellent post! I can totally relate to what you said about being the dumpee, that was totally my role growing up and to be totally honest to a degree I still play that role for a number of people. What you said here helps me to see that it is not my job to continue to do that and it’s not “my stuff”. Thanks!


    • designingfairy July 31, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

      Dave, it’s a hard role to break out of! Thank you. It’s so nice to have kindred spirits here that understand.


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