Empaths: Be Conscious What You Take In

18 Mar


I’m mad at my english muffins…

I’ve been eating Thomas English Muffins (sourdough) all week long. I remember they used to be real crunchy and the butter would sit in the little crannies. They taste more chewy. On further investigation, I noticed a few new ingredients on the package including: autolyzed protein. Crap, this is MSG. Guess what? I get headaches from MSG which would explain the throbbing I’ve had all week long. A little can get by, but a whole week of it, not so much. I found a cool website that explains ingredients which helps. I’m pissed at Thomas. Why did you put something nasty into a food I trusted?

I need to be more aware

I’m now looking at what I take in, on every level.

This morning I checked my email and settled in to peruse a little Facebook and this is what went in:

  • Two teenage football players arrested for raping a girl who was unconscious at a party. That’s awful. 
  • A photo of a dog, hair matted with dirt, and half his body in a large garbage bag. He was found on the highway stuffed into this bag. I feel sick and I didn’t even have breakfast. My heart is breaking looking at that poor baby. I’m beginning to hate people.
  • Several people died today according to the folks left behind on Facebook, including a beloved cat. So much sadness.
  • The upcoming trailer for an Amityville Horror movie and The Springbreakers which looks like pure darkness. The sweet little girls from all those singing high school movies and Nickelodeon are running around in bikinis having wild sex, robbing banks, and disillusioning young girls under thirteen everywhere. Great career moves, girls!

I feel dark now, and it registers as crankiness, anger, and a hopelessness. If I had wanted to take in garbage I would have eaten at McDonald’s down the street. This is not my stuff! 

This stuff was in my feed, on the Yahoo page, everywhere. I wish I wasn’t so affected by all of it and it could just bounce off of me, but as a sensitive, I don’t have this luxury. It’s now my responsibility to monitor what I feed myself with. All that stuff can entertain others, but not for me.

To counteract that junk, I’m going to watch some episodes of the Jimmy Fallon show and laugh, and then go fill up with Nature.


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4 Responses to “Empaths: Be Conscious What You Take In”

  1. David Wagenfeld March 18, 2013 at 2:53 pm #

    Well said. I totally agree with you about the Ohio case and Spring Breakers. And quite honestly I am getting really tired of people these days. One thing that I have been doing is taking one day every few weeks where I do not go out amongst the masses and I stay home and do not go online and do not watch TV. I have found giving myself a day to just marinate in my own energies versus picking up everyone elses really helps to settle me down.


    • designingfairy March 18, 2013 at 5:16 pm #

      Dave, that’s an excellent idea. We really need that time to tune into ourselves and no one else. Get centered again. I’m glad you mentioned that — when I don’t get enough of that alone space, I am easily affected by everything else.


  2. Wendi March 18, 2013 at 3:59 pm #

    I can totally relate. Life was so much easier living unconsciously, however, I would not go back to that type of living. I have great hope that the cruel people will wake up and begin living with awareness and kindness as I did.


    • designingfairy March 18, 2013 at 5:18 pm #

      Definitely easier, Wendi. What you said reminds me of the movie POWDER and the moment the hunter felt what the dying deer felt. Did you see that movie?


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