New Fairy Class Starts Soon!

20 Aug

Thank you for taking the New Class Poll! We have a winner! (For those of you sighing because you wanted an Advanced Animal Communication class, don’t worry. We’ve got a monthly teleclass scheduled in November on that subject!)

New Fairy Class! Let me take you on an adventure.

I invite you to enter deeper into the fairy world. Maybe you took the Fairy Beginner Fairy Healing class, or dipped your feet into Fairies 101 for a look, or maybe you just love fairies and they’ve been sparkling in and out of your life. The Fairy Tools class (part of the Fall Session) we’ll dive into new healing tools you can use and apply in daily, practical life, while having fun exploring different parts of the Fairy Realm.

We visit the Cacti People for targeted help, dive down deep with the Water Spirits, enter Indian Gardens to clear out holes, go to the fields of manifesting magic, head to the Pond of Mirrors, and visit the Flower Garden to heal with color. Sign up in the next two minutes (just kidding), but seriously, if you sign up this week, each student receives a FREE guided fairy meditation to play with later! Go here.

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