Spirit Clues

30 Apr

I am convinced that all of life is like one giant reading. In a reading, we interpret information that comes through that is usually symbolic in nature. Even the animals will communicate in metaphors or pictures when they describe physical ailments. Once you learn this new language, you realize your whole world around you is giving you metaphors and SPIRIT CLUES. That’s pretty wild.

I was dealing with an issue with a loved one I needed clarity on, and kept getting PHYSICAL CLUES or images plopped  into my environment. I went to put the garbage out and there was a catcher mitt directly in front of my house in the middle of the road. My attention drew me twice to the movie 17 Again when I was shopping in two separate stores. I was being reminded that this loved one’s issues were all deprived from his younger trauma.

My girls will metaphorically clear things out for me through their odd illnesses. When Sarah had a yucky, anal gland infection, that seemed to come out of nowhere, all this tar-like OLD STUFF was clearing out of her. At the time, I was doing the same.

My illnesses will always seem bizarre and out of place when they happen, but are almost always metaphors for what I am clearing out or need to clear out at the time. When I had a broken blood vessel break in my eye recently, I was surprised by its suddenness. Its appearance made no sense. The eye doctor said that it just happens. Yeah, right! Not with this body. I was clearing out what was my father’s vision or perception that I was carrying around for years. Before that, I was doing a great deal of work on myself in that area and the last big thing to happen was that eye, weird thing. It’s like the body gave one big push out of the leftover stuff. (Interesting…almost like a reverse birth).

Of course, interpretation is for the reader. What a baseball mitt means to a friend may be very different for you. And when it’s just one clue it may just be an ordinary baseball mitt.  It’s best to look at the total picture of all the clues together to have insight on the pattern or issue you are dealing with right now. Your spiritual clues are usually an answer to a question you made before the clues showed up.

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