Testing new essence: Pine

19 Apr

I was guided to make Tree Essences right now. And, much like the exercise in my Rocks and Trees certification program, I am making the essences of trees found in my yard, which I probably need the most. This essence will be part of a series Tree Essences for Support.

My first essence is a leaf essence from my front yard’s Pine tree. He’s a dashing fellow with a strong presence and with lots of pine cones being born. I will share my journey with the essence in this blog as I share my own fairy detective explorations.

I took the first sip yesterday and boy, does that baby go to the heart of the matter. Holy moly! It’s an essence for healing shame and self-esteem like most Pine essences heal. But I know that every tree is different, so this Pine will have its own “take” on healing that theme.

First sip tasted good. I felt the essence go straight to my heart/chest. And then I heard “Oh, Ronni. what now?” I also heard the self-recrimination thought, “I’m such a screw-up.” Whoa. The essence had pushed up the yucky stuff.

I felt this way for a few hours just observing and hoping it would subside. But it was clear the messages were these old messages from when I was a kid. Heck, the voices even sounded exactly what I heard as a child, and the funny thing was, I had completely forgotten ever getting these kind of messages. I even wanted to make it better–those voices– by creating some kind of order in my environment, at that very moment. I started to clean out and straighten my desk drawers, for goodness sake. It was interesting to see how those kind of thoughts led to my wanting to control and make better, and then yelling at myself when I couldn’t fix things. I kept hearing this tree’s essences was for helping with feeling you deserve good things. That must be the positive healing pattern I am working towards.

Day two.

Took the essence again this morning. Things are already shifting. Had amazing insights into the “shame” issues. As a sensitive, I have learned how to take on the blame of what is others’ issues or faults to create peace in my environment. How unbalanced. I feel a peace coming over me realizing this.

Nature is so powerful in its healing. This beautiful Pine tree is giving me this amazing gift and it is simply in my front yard. I wonder if everyone is so sensitive to Nature healing or just some of us who are open to it. Maybe just fairies. 🙂

Research and experimentation continue…

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