This Week’s Highlights features the fairies

18 Apr

Since highlights in a woman’s hair brings in more light, here’s some highlights from my site to bring YOU more light into your life.

Featured flower essence this week: 

How do you rise above all the CRAP? And that’s the negative crap flying around, your own crap you’re releasing and healing, and the general crap of others in your environment. I’ve grabbed for WHITE ROSE. Immediately I felt the CRAP leave from my heart and I got a little buzz on. I might drink the whole bottle! Head over to the FLOWERS FOR SENSITIVE page to order your bottle.

Featured artwork this week to make you smile:

Rush on over to my Etsy shop to grab up the Fairy of Abundance ACEO card. Place her in a special spot in a plant to bring in more Abundance!

Featured Tip this week:

Head out to the yard or park this week! If you are like me and have even a little fairy in you, you NEED nature to restore, balance and fill you up. You may have been missing that fill up for awhile and it’s the reason you feel so wonky.

Featured class(es) this week:

Three classes you can treat yourself to and start anytime is the Fairy Healing for Animals class, the Fairies 101 sampler class, or the Fairy Joy class. Hey! There’s a theme here. They are all fairy classes. I am finding that I desperately need my fairy energy right now back into my life. I think I will follow the Fairy Joy class myself and infuse my serious nature with fairy juice. Go sign up NOW and treat yourself here. (And check out the Care of the Sensitive/ebook special).

Featured reading this week:

Need a fairy mini reading? Fairies suggest what flowers or plants you need, what you need to do to bring in better health and joy into your life. It’s a silly and fun energy, but with definite and helpful advice. My resident fairies had me plant lots of pansies in the yard the other day for cheering up all up. Head over to the mini reading section to sign up here.

Until next week, I talk of my plans for the May 1st Fairy Day celebration right here.

Fairy blessings,

2 Responses to “This Week’s Highlights features the fairies”

  1. Lori April 18, 2011 at 11:14 pm #


    I had no idea that you had essences available! Wow. I am going through the ‘list’ and will be ordering those that I KNOW I need. I had a very hearty laugh at the “Balls” essence. We all need a brass pair.

    Yes, you do have a cool, natural and easy going way of communicating and you never cease to crack me up.

    Thanks for sharing your LIGHT with me today!

    All the best,



  2. designingfairy April 19, 2011 at 5:37 pm #

    Lori, how are you??? Hi! I’m making a Pine essence right now that is knocking my socks off on dealing with core stuff about shame and self esteem. So nice to hear from you.


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