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21 Mar

It’s rainy and it’s yucky and I smell wet dog. I’ve been hearing from many how the “super moon” has affected them. We’ve got quite a bit empathically going on with the obvious, which is what is happening in Japan we are picking up. Here’s some empathic symptoms I’ve noticed of late:

  • Feeling out and out cranky. Empaths, we are doing lots of work in our sleep at this time. The healers are bouncing out and heading over to Japan to help. That results in lots of unrestful sleep, which equals big time cranky in the morning. When I need a barometer of what is happening I look to Sarah, my super sensitive beagle mix. She’s been nocturnal at night. It’s all that energy.
  • Increased psychic ability. Visually, I’m seeing alot. That veil between worlds is pretty thin also. It’s like get a mini boost up. Opening up your heart and empathic abilities can do that.
  • Sadness. Again, natural what is happening with the events in the world. You might even feel hopeless and helpless. The media isn’t helping with any of this, and is in fact, making things worse. I just love the headlines of disaster. It’s like living with my departed grandmother all the time with all the negative thinking.

Tools or solutions for this week? Ordinarily, I’d say focus on the positive and bring in that great fairy energy. Instead, I am suggesting to go with your feelings. Just let it out. Don’t get lost in them. Know they are temporary and just feel what needs to be felt.

When the earth moves and shakes like it did, we move and shake alongside of it. We are feeling the energy of change which can be scary and ungrounding. The solution for these feelings? Create a safe, cozy place for yourself, Empath. You are the constant in your life among all the change.  Create some grounding tools and anchors to feel more steady (50 Tools for the Sensitive, tool #31 ). Nurture yourself in any way you can that’s healthy. It’s okay to cocoon right now. It’s not forever. You will emerge later.

4 Responses to “Empath Report”

  1. Titania Starlight March 22, 2011 at 1:14 am #

    Wow! I was glad that I stopped by. This is how I have been feeling since Saturday night! Very edgy and also very psychic. I feel like a sponge these days. Many blessings and you helped me greatly by sharing this.


  2. karla March 22, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    NOW I know what was wrong with me this weekend… I was so looking forward to doing some art after cleaning for 10 days… NOTHING… depressed, hopeless, helpless… then, when Cilla broke a toenail (eating a bone, of all things), that sent me over the edge… I withdrew and didn’t do anything – yet I don’t even feel recharged. I’m looking forward to going to work today to ESCAPE the melancholy! (and I don’t even watch the news).

    I’m happy to hear your explanation of empaths being “busy in their dreamtime”… I wake up TIRED… go to bed early, sleep longer, and am still tired and unmotivated!

    Thanks for the explanation!


    • designingfairy March 22, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

      Absolutely. That’s the perfect word…melancholy.


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