Emma Lou’s Anniversary

16 Mar

Actually, it was the 15th, but this week we celebrate when an angel came to our door. Emma Lou will be turn around 5 years old now. I love the idea of doing a tribute while someone is still here. Emma Lou has been truly a godsend in every way. She’s funny, loving, caring, a great cuddler, and very wise. And makes a great model!

In honor of her anniversary, have a virtual cupcake, give lots of pets to your animals and please send her a virtual hug. I am in deep gratitude for my fuzzy friend and dog-ter who has been unwavering support the last 5 years. She is truly God in action and can I only hope to be as good a person as she is.

2 Responses to “Emma Lou’s Anniversary”

  1. Carol March 16, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    Animals are the best!!!!! What a sweet creature there sleeping…please do give Emma Lou a hug for me:) When dogs look at me with those eyes, I am complete and utter mush LOL Used to be not so much a cat lover but have begun to be drawn more and more to them…Whatever kind of animal it is, they are so precious and loving and add so much to our lives!!! It concerns me when I come across someone who doesn’t like animals (allergic or afraid of them, that’s different) …. that is a warning signal to me…one to be taken seriously.


    • designingfairy March 17, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

      Thanks, Carol, I will give her a hug. And I agree…I don’t trust those who don’t like animals. Something is off there (excluding the allergic and the fear).


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