A Spirit in the House

3 Sep

Last night a dead relative visited me.

The irony of this visit was I was just watching Paranormal State. I think I got spirit hugged while watching. My legs felt cold and tingling and I felt a presence in the room. I dismissed this as I was super-tired and watching a spooky show. But what happened later, I couldn’t dismiss.

I crawled into bed with Emma Lou by my side, deep under the blankets. Sarah was still sleeping in the other room. I couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was in the room.

As soon as I closed the lights, I saw my very first shadow person. I have to admit it was seriously creepy. The clock radio diagonal to me that usually blares its light at me all night long, disappeared when the shadow went in front of it. This dark thing hovered over me on the bed.

I jumped upright and as calm as can be turned the lights on. Yeah right. I actually screamed out, “What the f*ck!”

Gathering my wits I remembered all my psychic training and kindly let the spirit know that was a big no-no hovering over me while I slept.

So I then did what every medium should do, I tuned in.

The communication was so clear telepathically, it was unmistakable.

ME: Why are you here? (Tune in: spirit feels very female.)

SPIRIT: To check on you after everything you have been through.

ME: Who are you?


ME: Why did you scare me like that?

SPIRIT: I thought you liked that kind of thing…the show you were watching.

It was obviously an aunt who has a sense of humor.

ME: Please visit when I am awake and not so freaked out.

As I fell back to sleep, I had a very clear vision sent to me. This spirit was very good at communicating. I saw myself as a child lying in bed with a ton of stuffed animals surrounding me. The spirit was remarking how now I sleep with dogs surrounding me and how some things never change. She obviously knew me well as a child. Still not sure why she didn’t share her name.

Before drifting into sleep, I called in Archangel Michael to make sure I didn’t have any other unannounced guests.

I have to admit, it was kinda cool, especially the part communicating which was so clear. The scary part, not so much.

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