September Newsletter and Updates

31 Aug

SEPTEMBER Updates/Newsletter from Ronni Ann Hall:

Lives in Transition
Much of us have gone through so much change and transitions. It’s a little overwhelming. Most of us are feeling like Alice in Wonderland when she grows too big for the house she is sitting in. I know I am. And there is a new grounding: there really isn’t any except finding it within yourself. I am feeling the blessing of being able to hear my Guides and helpers more loudly and clearly. It’s as if they are shouting! I am so grateful for their insights and support, and the new level of understanding which has changed everything for me. Sometimes it is that shift in perception finding that missing piece that makes all the difference. It’s this ability I would like to extend to you through readings with your Guides, my art, blog essays, or classes.

Online Classes:
Last call for registering for Fairy Online School before I segue the school into books and close down the online classes and site. I am moving my site and energies to my Help for the Sensitive blog/website, here, at Here you can sign up for readings, read articles and see my new ebook Tips for the Sensitive, I am developing. I like the blog format so others may comment and interact. All very cool but big changes. (If you do link to me, please redo the link to my Ronni’s Psychic Room site.)

Thank you’s:
Thank you to Charles Virtue’s directory where I am listed as a reader and certified medium. And big thanks to Britt Nesheim for listing me as her referral fairy gal. And to the Unity Church of the Valley, your support has been wonderful and has shown me so quickly a great sense of community.

I am currently offering a special on readings $45 for an email reading. You can find the special by going to the Consultations for the Sensitive page here at the blog site. Take advantage of this great deal if you have any questions or concerns for yourself or loved ones. And clients, refer one viable client who signs up for a phone reading and get your next hour reading for the half hour price!

Become a Fan

I was guided to make a Designing Fairy Fan page on Facebook and was graced with 60 fans in two days. How very cool is that? I love the support for my artwork and words and hope to develop them much further in many books as this is my passion and a great way to reach more folks I can help and inspire. If you are on Facebook, just type in Designing Fairy to find the page, then simply press LIKE.

(My art and design site is at

I am also developing an art show for early November at the Unity Church in Cottonwood, AZ. I will keep everyone posted here.

Teaching at the College
I am NOT teaching animal communication at the Prescott branch of Yavapai College in the fall. I’ve been replaced by a non-woo-woo class called the “Human and Canine Bond.” Don’t ask me about it. It just gets my panties in a bunch. I do believe when we are not meant to be somewhere and a place is no longer for us, that door will slam shut. I am in negotiations to make the classes happen in three separate animal communication workshops over here in the Verde Valley campus. I will keep you updated. In the meantime, if you have more than two people interested, I can put together a workshop in animal communication, the Care of the Sensitive, flower essences,. or the fairy healing at your place or mine. Just email me.

And Finally
I offer a FREE For the Love of Dog book offered on my Etsy shop for anyone who comes up with the solution to stop Sarah peeing on the rugs in the house. Yes, she is blind and old, and most the time knows where the pet door is, but she is also very obstinate.

Thank you! However I can be of service, let me know. Give me an email or comment below.
– Ronni

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