Ear ringing

9 Aug

I’ve experienced this many times. I’m deep in a conversation and then a blast of ringing in my ears. In a recent workshop I took with Charles Virtue and Tina Daly, I learned this was a way our Angels give us a little heads-up. I have also found there are other reasons behind this phenomenon:

  1. Could be physical, so always check this out first. Food allergies, sinus trouble, etc., can cause this, but if the ringing is pretty isolated and you have a feeling to check in, probably a helper visiting.
  2. When a spirit is nearby trying to get my attention, my ear will ring. For awhile, I had a psychic shorthand with my departed dogs. Foxy would ring my left ear, and Lilibeth my right. Foxy has been around a great deal helping loved ones, so my right ear has been very noisy. If I see blinks of light with the ringing, then I am pretty sure that’s someone’s Guides around them.
  3. Ear ringing can also predict a download of information. Pay attention.

So when in doubt, just tune in.

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