Did you know Mediums are from the devil?

8 Aug

A few weeks back I was informed by my father-in-law in my estranged family, that God hated mediums and this is quoted clearly in the bible. At the time, Bill was trying to relay a message I had received from a fellow medium at a workshop I took part in from his brother. The goal was to allay his Dad’s fears and give comfort by providing some answers. Instead, the man attacked the messenger.

I think about most sensitive children who notice the elephant in the room and are punished for it. This was my role most of my life. (I remember distinctly a time when I informed my mother that a guest was mad and upset when I was told this was incorrect. My mother was repeatedly embarassed by my observations, which always turned out accurate.) It’s not easy “seeing” what others don’t want you to see. But I do know that God made me this way. I’ve seen the gift as it is when I help others in their paths and brought clarity, the times I’ve saved animals’ lives with missing pieces of important information, and brought comforting messages from loved ones who weren’t really lost afterall. No, I am not serving the devil or talking to bad spirits like on television. Real, healthy good has come out of these gifts. My God is all about unconditional love and what I aspire to be one day. My God loves me and knows who I am with no judgement, and sees my gifts as what he/she gave me to help humanity.

Most sensitives grew up unaccepted for being different. It hurts when the unacceptance is not for your beliefs, but an attack on who you are. That is always about the other person’s failings–their own inner spaces they don’t want to see. (And their walls to loving).

Long ago, I had a dream that I was selling balloons to blind people, and I was pretending to be like them, blind as well. I can’t do that anymore. I will share my gifts with those who want to see and therefore, who I can assist. They are the ready ones. The rest will have different teachers, and many are not loving. And as for the unacceptance, I no longer want or need support that doesn’t accept me–all of the pieces that make up me.

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  1. Bill August 9, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    Yeah, I agree. It’s not your fault he’s so repressed.


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