Tool when you feel ungrounded

20 May

In this crazy world today with the crazy energies and so much change, it is easy to feel very ungrounded. We may reach for equally crazy things to correct the balance or to feel more stable, such as overeating, or over-shopping, or even codependent behavior (us healer/empath types love to grab for this).  It’s as if we are thrashing about in the sea around us with no life preserver, so we are trying to find one.

Today’s guidance is to create ANCHORS.

What helps you feel more grounded?

Here’s some ideas:

  1. Create structure. As a capricorn, my natural gift is to build and create structure. Structure can be as simple as having a routine you do every day, such as waking up in the morning having coffee and sitting in your yard. Or, having a writing schedule. Or, riding a bike every day after dinner. My favorite has been my evening routine with my dogs sitting in my reading room and watching Project Runway.
  2. Friends. An anchor can be a friend you regularly check in with. The more the better. They are probably feeling as ungrounded as you are nowadays, so you may be an anchor for them.
  3. Check in with yourself. I suppose this is the same as centering, but I think anything that allows you to check back in with what you want, feel and need, is good. I journal. As an empath, it is too easy for me to carry others’ stuff and by the end of the day, I have no idea what I want! Visual journaling has been highly helpful to me also and even just making lists of what you want to do or would like to do.
  4. And finally, pets. Go play with your animals! Animals take you into the present moment and help you get grounded. They are also easily counted on and constants in our lives among lots of change.

For more tips, check out my Care of the Sensitive class. Enrollment all this month.

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