Animal Reincarnation & Changing Perceptions

8 May

Can animals come back as other animals? Well, of course. As always, are perceptions change with our experiences.

Just watched a horrible movie last night, The Fourth Kind. It’s about the bad aliens abducting people. Many of the people in the movie did not believe in aliens or UFOs until they experienced first hand their presence. Bang, zoom, zip, their perception changes of what is possible in the universe.

That’s been my experience as an animal communicator. From day one in my practice, my precious perceptions and beliefs were thrown out the window on everything from animal behavior to reincarnation.

When Emma Lou made her appearance after leaving as Lucy, my belief in reincarnation was reinforced. I’ve talked to countless clients with similar experiences they can’t explain. So when my tortoise went through the dog door the other day, I wondered, who is this guy really? I immediately got the thought he was a dog I knew coming back and he was making that clear. I thought it was coincidence for just Speedy having fun when he went out the door, but when I scolded him, picked him up and put him in the other room, and he still made his way to that door, I knew he was communicating to me.

How cool is that Speedy is a former dog? I could look at it in two ways–either he is here because he loved me so much and wants more, or he’s a teacher and I’m still not “getting it.” I think the first idea will suffice.


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