In the garden diary

18 Apr

How I found my Fairy Castle…
My life, as I knew it, fell apart at the foundation five months ago. I won’t go into the details, but most of the trauma involved adopting an older child with problems we were not prepared for or trained to handle as she aged and a lot of other really traumatic stuff and big time breakdowns. I had asked my Guides and Helpers to help me find a place I’d feel safe and comfortable where I could heal, as well as, for my animals. I knew only what I wanted to feel in this new home and some of the attributes. When I did fall onto this place, through a series of steps, it wasn’t at all what I expected! I’m a Jersey princess by heart, and the place was a cute, long, mobile. It was in a rather rural area when I had said I wanted more city. But when I saw the yard, my heart opened to a width it hadn’t had been at in a long while. It was clearly love at first sight. And now, fairly situated into our new home, I have to say I love it with all its lovely quirkiness. So, the message is to be open to what you want however it comes, seek out the attributes and feelings of what you want and trust, trust, trust. I am grateful for this gift from the Fairies. (Thanks to Shaeri and Jerry, of course!) To read more go to the diary.

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