Empaths tend to….

1 Dec

As an empathic or sensitive person, I’ve noticed we, as a group, tend to have in common:

  1. Since we feel what everyone is feeling most of the time, when there is so much emotional turmoil around us, we may focus on trying to “make it all better” sometimes, so we feel better and the environment in harmony again! Obviously, this isn’t always reasonable or right. We need to remind ourselves that others are on their own journey and we can’t learn for them. Part of their journey may involve suffering. This can be very difficult to witness.
  2. Our bodies may be very somatic. What that means is our bodies may react to our emotions and our environment, whereas, our less sensitive friends hold it all in and ignore it. The body is a fabulous intuitive tool that we need to utilize. By tuning in to the effected areas, many times we can hear what truly bothers us.
  3. We have issues with overresponsibility. See #1.
  4. We overwhelm if we don’t clear out our environment and other people’s stuff at the end of the day. I see this as catching a bad cold. We can have feelings that aren’t even our own if we don’t do some housecleaning! This is a bit hard if you don’t catch it early. We need our own version of psychic zinc! And if you are tired or upset, BAM, instant other people’s stuff velcro.
  5. We have really big hearts that need a little more extra protection in the world. There’s a reason we do, to maybe help just one other person or animal in this world.
  6. We feel everything strongly. We live at a much deeper level. Some folks will never experience life the way we do. It’s as if we get to watch life with the subtitles!

taken from the updated Care of the Sensitive class;

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