Are you playing too small and a lesson in telepathy

18 Nov

The other day I learned important lessons in Yoga class.

In the advanced animal communication class that I am teaching, we’ve been discussing animals mirroring our problems or issues so we can deal with them. Of course this applies to our dealing with others too.

We were asked to take partners in the yoga class. My attention for the last ten minutes was another small girl in our class who is about my size (I’m barely 5 feet). I have no idea why my attention was on her. I liked her sweatshirt, I think. But my thoughts had gotten bizarre. She my size, but rounder and wider. That was my focus. Thoughts of her bulkiness. I have no idea why I was thinking that. The thoughts felt foreign to me and it wasn’t like me to think like that. No surprise, she chose me as her partner. When she came over she said the oddest thing.

“Boy, you are tiny,” she said. “I mean, really tiny all over.”

Did I mention she was maybe an inch taller than me? Practically the same height.

Then she followed with, “Oh, well, I just think I am bigger boned.”Then she frowned.

Ohhhh. So it was her thoughts I picked up. She, like many of us women, was having a fat thinking day. And she was projecting those thoughts around her and unfortunately, at me. I must have caught them in the air.

Later, we all formed a group exercise in standing chair where one of the ladies in the group announced the exercise wasn’t working because I was too short! Hello?

Okay, so several lessons here, like I said. One, we project those thoughts. If I am having a low self-esteem day I am probably projecting “Loser.” Okay, maybe not that bad. This instance, I think of Sarah, our beagle teagle with low self-confidence. She will jump up next to me and I will have odd thoughts of “Boy, Sarah isn’t very special, not like Emma. She’s kinda plain.” Sarah is NOT plain, and yet the thought will come up. Sure enough, later, Sarah will act a bit jealous of Emma as seen in her actions.

Second lesson, I’m short. I must accept it and move on. No seriously, the Universe through the divine wisdom of my fellow yoga ladies was reminding me I was playing small again. I forgot my power to create, the hugeness of my soul, and I was telling myself I was tiny, tiny, tiny. The lovely ladies simply went along with this projection.

Oh, another lesson, we are using telepathy everyday not just with our animals, but with each other. So be mindful of what you send out.

2 Responses to “Are you playing too small and a lesson in telepathy”

  1. Anna November 19, 2008 at 5:35 pm #

    Wow this is interesting, it happens to me all the time when I nurse my baby, he seems to pick up my positive or negative thoughts, as it shows on his face expression, either happy or about to cry. Thanks for sharing, and thank you for your message. I like your blog, I guess I will be back to read more….Anna 🙂


  2. Madison November 24, 2008 at 6:36 am #

    Totally true. I wasn’t in yoga or anything but I went to see my brother and on the way there I felt small, in a good way since I am pregnant and feeling a bit big lately. My sister-in-law commented that I looked really good. I was feeling really good. I have also noticed that when I go into yoga with my mind free and clear that is when in final meditation I get good spirit communication. Next time go in there thinking that you are a giant and no one will say you are small.


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