Songs as guidance

27 Jun

My Angel with the sense of humor knows I respond well to music messages. My husband even said, when we desperately needed guidance, “Let’s see what song they play when I turn on the radio.” (That was said a little differently, but you get the drift). Often times I wake up singing a song out of nowhere and realize it’s a great message. Yesterday, wondering if the messages I was receiving were truthful, or just wishful thinking, I woke to hear the song playing from the Mother and Child Reunion song,  “I would not give you false hopes.” When I receive that kind of instant validation, my heart just breaks open and soars. You do hear me!

One Response to “Songs as guidance”

  1. Melissa July 24, 2008 at 3:54 am #

    Wow! Me Too!

    I have always thought it was great getting messages from music/lyrics. I too have asked for validation and received it. I have had conversations with others and they just don’t understand how it is not coincidence or false hope.


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