Foxy the wonderdog

26 Jun

We took Foxy today to get her little time release liquids thingy in her arm redone (yes, technical terms). I am learning so much from this experience about trusting your guidance and your gut. As soon as she woke she was very shakey but starving. She ate a full portion of dog food with such gusto. Not a normal thing for a dog who is very picky about food and doesn’t ever appear hungry! She insisted on using her dog door to go out yesterday, but that didn’t work out that well. And stood up all day in the vet’s to prove a point! This is one feisty being! She’s still weak, but it’s a massive improvement.

When we had gotten the phone message to come visit her for the last time the other day, my good friend Pamela heard loudly, “Don’t let her do a thing today and saw Tinkerbell.” When we got there, I was so upset to see a very ill Foxy, but I could hear her clearly say, “Get me out of here now.” Everything I saw was conflicting with my very strong empathic feelings that this was wrong. These were not wishful feelings but a clear message! The vet was going on and on about how I could read Foxy poetry as she crossed, and how she probably wants to die at home, and Foxy was getting so angry! She told me to listen carefully and said, “I am not leaving you. I am right by your side. Just get me out of here.” Both Pamela and I let out big laughs when we both heard her express her anger over being put in the grave too early! Her spirit was so strong. She had no intention of leaving, she said.  Now before when she was becoming ill, I had such mixed messages from dreams, from Guides, even from her. But these feelings and messages were strong.

We took her home and I was so anxious, tired and drained. I gave her a ton of Reiki.  I prayed. I checked in with her angels. I saw a ton of fairy lights blink in and out. But then she ate robustly from a spoon–we all were shocked. She insisted on walking around and moving too! This was not a soul that was ready to leave. I told the vet and she just replied, “Oh, well she might be eating because she will need lots of energy to cross.” This same vet said she talked to Foxy through animal communication and Foxy had clearly said she wanted to leave. (She meant, go home to us, because she really hated the energy there).

I am glad I listened. Really listened. She seems a great deal better than from her healing crisis and everyday a little better. We need to be patient. I think she is showing that vet a thing or two, AND teaching me to trust much more than what I see. And today I got some more info on Pamela’s Tinkerbell vision. When Tinkerbell is dying, everyone she knows is asked to clap their hands and say, I do believe in fairies! It’s their belief that creates the miracle. Pam said she found a poster in her room with Tinkerbell that says, “”Wishes Do Come True.”


author note: Foxy lived another 7 months and only 2 of those  ill. I am glad we listened to guidance to have that additional time.

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