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28 Jan

I received a wonderful computer broadcast that answered some of my questions. In the past, my Guides have told me that the two poles on the planet have switched, changing the magnetics of the earth, which has created lots of vibrational changes to us. What does this mean? Lots of shifts, growing, clearing, all the crazy stuff we are seeing and feeling. A few of the messages I received were validated on this news program. It’s a little long, so if you can sit through it, you will pick up the necessary message, AND realize that you are not going crazy, we are all going through this stuff and feeling it.

Here’s the link:

“Friday January 25, 2008 at 6-7pm PST – Scotlands Dr David Mickel [see below] and Geologist James Tyberonn. ‘TYB’ is an author, channel, and geologist. He has traveled the world as a field geologist & In his travels he has devoted considerable time to studying earth energies, leylines, sacred sites and the vortex-portal and grid systems. His book delves into this topic and he has applied scientific applications to metaphysics toward the understanding what role these “Earth Energies” play in the Ascension. Tyb has studied with Indigenous Shaman all over the world, vision quested 6 times, and studied the indigenous wisdom of earth and plant ceremonies. In between his geology work, he leads tours to sacred sites, and lectures and channels on this topics..

Listen here:
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