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When the World Goes Crazy, Lighten the Load…

15 Aug

Read over on my new blog here.

A virtual move for the fairy…

10 Jan

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 11.46.47 AM

What a year 2015 has been. I got a divorce and found new love and family.

I moved from Warm World to Forest World.

I closed my online school of ten years and created creative classes over at my new site instead (love making the Spooky Intuitive class).

I began focusing on books and creating new curriculum that included animated little videos.

I have grappled with change and transition and held on tight to what I should have let go (Facebook biz pages still vex me).

It was a big decision closing the school, but as one dear friend pointed out, I was a pioneer in this work. I was one of the first who started an online school for more woo-woo work (psychic/healing and animal communication classes). When I started, I didn’t care if I looked odd or strange, or they would burn crosses in my front yard. I had some ideas I wanted to share and I went with it. The school grew with interest and I loved designing and writing the curriculum, and especially working with and coaching students directly. I watched them soar with new tools and knowledge, and many, opened up to their creativity like little swans.

Fast forward ten years later and I was getting antsy. I went to school for Education Technology/Design and learned how to create multi-media to add to my lessons. It was the creating lessons and writing that I was digging, since at heart, I am a creator. I think somewhere along the the way, I became more of a counselor then a teacher. Here I was a writer who wanted to share what I have learned being a sensitive to help others, when others were looking to me to provide answers only a therapist could provide. I was frustrated– after all, I’m a creator and a storyteller, not a counselor (yes, I know, INFJs are natural counselors). Also, those ten years later and I was no longer the pioneer. There were now tons of books on being a sensitive, and even more online schools opening, many with fancy webinars (to be honest, I hate fancy webinars. I’m no guru). It made it clear to me I had to make a decision at that point, especially when the business was no longer supporting me. I was helping many others, but I wasn’t getting back what I needed to survive, and I seriously needed to look at this. So I closed the school and focused on my new website.

I started this blog in August 2007 and I wrote about cool psychic experiences I was having hoping to help others. I was opening up to my abilities and senses, and since then, they are all now more integrated within me. With a firm foundation to my spirituality now planted, I could focus back to myself and my original path that was always one big line. I always made things that taught. My first books I illustrated always carried a message (I was heavily influenced by Aesop’s Fables). My path started as an art teacher and an artist, and then illustrating activity and educational books. It continued when I was a college teacher (I loved that!) and of course, creating all the classes for Fairy Online School. When I went for my Grad certificate I fell in love with making videos and transmedia. You could tell a story that helped and teached others on a multi-platform, including phone apps! I will continue to head in that direction, and I am sure I will make many more books!

So, instead of having two sites, I will merge all into one with what I will be focusing on now and has the best to offer all of you. I will be over here and will include Sensitive Tuesdays for the blog there for my Sensitive readers. That’s where I will share the upcoming Turtle Shell book, book 2 in the series, and the other books I will be creating. So be sure to follow the blog over there. And if you are interested in getting in touch with your intuition through your creativity, consider signing up for one of the classes I will be offering there.

With love and appreciation for your support throughout the years,




Fairy & Empath Online School Friday Tips and Shares

31 Jan


It’s Friday, when the lessons go out. We’ve all been having so much fun and it’s so nice having the Fairy and Empath schools right here at The Designing Fairy. With all the cold, awful weather happening across the nation, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to share a little fun light this Friday to students and readers of this blog.

This Week’s Theme: Lighten Up

I love Pinterest. I haven’t been there long, but I really dig it. It’s such a fun place for folks that are creative and visual to fill up with great inspiration and eye candy. So here are a few of my favorite pins to lighten up your cold Friday.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.16.12 AM

Over at my FB page, I love to share the cupcake picture of the day. These cupcakes found in this pin are very fairy fantasy-like.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.15.43 AM

More cupcakes. This pin over here is adorable with two of the things we all love — fairies and sweets. (from

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.23.04 AM

Over at Netflix, I found a kid’s show that is much like the Simpsons with its double messages for adults and kids. It’s the silliest thing I’ve ever seen, and I like it. It has unicorns and flying dogs and valley-talking creatures. Check it out if you get a chance for a light-hearted laugh.

And one more…

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 10.31.45 AM

Check out these beings and flowers out of wire made by Daniel Henningsson. Wow!

Until next time, Fairy blessings from


I’m Published in Somerset Studio!

1 Jan


I got the best birthday present the other day. A precopy of Somerset Studio magazine.


What’s this? I had just submitted an essay a month or two ago and hadn’t heard a thing.


Holy cows! What a fabulous and important gift from the Universe/God/Angels. I am beyond thrilled and a great way to start the new year.

It’s available now – January 1st – at most Barnes and Noble’s and Michael’s shops. And yup, national magazine and one of my favorites! Hope you like it and especially, hope you like the message in the essay.

Mad Tea Party

13 Jul

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 2.15.45 PM

I happened upon this wonderful sparkly, shiny website and wanted to join the Mad Tea Party fun! Welcome to the Designing Fairy!


What’s this? Did a fairy leave it behind? A yummy cupcake for us to enjoy?


We travel a little further and there’s a yummy cake to go with the cupcake! There must be some kind of festivities somewhere.


Someone dropped some yummies on the path. Let’s follow it.


What’s this? A cute, little hat? I wonder what’s ahead.


Shhhh! Let’s not disturb them. It’s a MAD HAT tea party for the Fairies! What fun!


from the crazy mind of Designing Fairy, or possibly…from reality?

Go check out my fairy classes. My Etsy shop is here.

But the party isn’t over yet! Check out the other party-goers and kindred spirits  here.

Working on my Deck with new crayons

15 Apr

Reconnecting to Everyday Joy and Miracles this week

7 Nov

Back in 2005, I started Fairy Online School. I was burnt out and tired in my intuitive biz from all the sadness I encountered, and I was going through lots of psychic, expansion changes. I needed support for my sensitivity and quite simply, a little joy to raise my spirits back up. In came that delicious fairy energy, and with it, my love for Nature, and the discovery of my first flower essence I created to heal.

What exactly is fairy energy? I believe we all have it deep down inside. It’s that joyful, playful part we had as children. It’s interested in discovery and gets excited over finding an inch worm on a leaf. It’s grounded in Nature and in our environment and our senses. It’s also that little bit of silly that has you laughing at inappropriate times when you need the humor the most.

This time of year, I always think of my mom, who crossed over in 1995, but is still a pretty active, visiting spirit.  When I was growing up, my mom shared with me the little delights in the world–collecting tiny toys for the holidays; having a hidden stash of candy to dip into; noticing the picture in the clouds; following  that cute, little inch worm on the leaf; and enjoying a good story. It’s the little things we can focus on to bring back the joy into our lives to keep us afloat when everything else in our world is crazy, and boy, life sure has been crazy!

I told my good friend the other day, if this is really end times, I want to go out drawing, snuggling my dogs, eating pizza and cupcakes every day! That’s the fairy way.

Fairy Online School is the marriage between that re-connection we have with the spiritual world that is filled with miracles, awe, and support, and the creating and enjoying with fairy energy as we learn!

I invite you to join us with the many from all over the world reconnecting to miracles, to those we think we lost, to new friends of support this Friday when Fairy Online School starts its new session. Develop your natural, intuitive abilities while having fun, and most importantly, reconnect to you! Head on over to this page to reserve your space in the classes of your choice that start Friday. (Go sign up for my newsletter, Fairy Blessings, and you receive a special fairy discount on classes).

Banish the Blah Bubbles – Excerpt Friday

11 Mar

As an integral part of the Fairy Beginner class, I have students do a seemingly simple exercise that is very telling. I designed it almost 5 years ago, and the last few weeks I realized how important this exercise is.

For fun I am going to do the Banish the Blah Bubble 30 day challenge. I encourage you to do the same.

For each day I will create a bubble or circle (I created flowers from my Art journal pages for fun) and will write down what brought me true joy that day or gave me energy or a rise. This is true guidance from myself.

The interesting thing is what makes me happy, and truly happy, may be very different than someone else’s bubble. My “yes” may be your “no.” I am stripping away where I have molded, compromised, agreed to, and isn’t mine.  I may think I like walking, but maybe I’d prefer dancing for my exercise. Maybe others see me in a life of travel but I’d prefer a secure homebase to feel grounded and happy. My bubbles will lead me there. I made the above bubbles 5 years ago, and I am surprised by some of my joys and many have changed, as have I. I might not want the same things as time goes on either, but my bubbles tell me what I do want in the present.

Here’s my bubble for yesterday, which is officially Day 1 of my challenge. I dare you too.

And for what doesn’t work for me and lands on my Nasty Fairy list, I present:

The WTF Award

I secretly have a WTF award (okay, now it is not a secret), I give out in my mind each week to the stupidest words said to me or the behavior that was just crazy or mean. This week I give this prestigious award to the Weed Guy who is supposed to call ahead before spraying the yard with toxic chemicals. He left me an answering machine message he was swinging by not saying when and just hoped the dogs wouldn’t be out. WTF?? I do give him the benefit of the doubt because I do think there is some damage there from inhaling so much weed killers, but this about the safety of my girls that I don’t take lightly.

Review Thursday: Karla’s Fairy Wands

10 Mar

I’m totally digging the fairy wands of Karla Ely. She made me this fabulous butterfly fairy wand for me out of glass!

It’s all fun and fuzzy with cute, little, intricate details.

Check out the cute skirt. It’s very powerful–already helping me make magic.

Karla makes custom wands. Wands range from $85 to $135.00. And she’s open to different themes and colors.

To order for yourself or for an amazing gift:

contact: Karla Ely
Visit her enchanted Etsy shop at:

Comfort Cards

7 Mar

One of my favorite missions is empowering women. Many of the lessons I’ve learned working with Guides and Angels have been messages on how to nurture or encourage myself. These messages were compiled and accompany my line of illustrated Comfort Cards to be comfort for you. Cards are available as prints and postcards at my Etsy store. Load up a few as nice reminders.

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