A lovely review

12 Aug

“I am on my last class TAG101 to achieving my certification for Animal Communication!! I have loved all of the classes I have taken with Ronni and will continue to learn whatever she is teaching in the future!! The classes associated with Animal Communication ROCK! I have always thought I was empathic enough but now with all of her tricks of the trade revealed and new ideas I have resolved many issues with my departed loved fur babies that helped me feel less guilty about decisions I was trying to make regarding them and their last little bit of time with me here on Earth. It became very personal and hard to share but all in all just an amazing journey!! Thank you Ronni for giving us such an amazing platform to learn from and while your journey is moving in a new and fabulous way I will try to keep up with you and take in all the fun and fantastic things you are creating anew!! Fairy School is amazing and I will miss it, but as you have said on to new and more fun things (paraphrasing there)!! Thank you so much and many blessings along your way!!” — Jan Wilson,  Northern Nevada

Many thank you’s to Jan and all the students of the Fairy and Empath Online School. Right now I am offering Mentoring Packages here and developing new creative classes and programs over here.

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