The Full Sail Shift and New Store!

14 May


I’ve been learning a great deal about valuing what I do and offer. I’m involved in a big shift. Years ago, when I went to Grad School I experienced a new way of looking at things. When I was there I saw myself in a different light. I expanded. (Well, I did gain five pounds while going there but that is another story.) When I say I expanded, I meant I was in my BIGNESS as biz coach Fabeku lovingly calls it. I was in my bigger soul self. Before where I overlooked my intelligence, here it was mirrored back to me. My talents were clear. My direction picture perfect. But most importantly, I felt HOPEFUL, OUT OF THE BOX THINKING self, anything is possible, excited. My picture of myself changed. Like those popular memes going around Facebook, the tiny cat saw the lion. After I graduated I took a fun job that I really enjoyed creating original, creative marketing but I stayed a bit small.

My Full Sail Shift is upon me again. I being asked to think bigger and to truly value what I do, and the challenge to stay out of smallness even though there isn’t a FULL SAIL to mirror that back to me. I just need to remember how that felt. (And lean on my friends to remind me).

Looking through my old posts, I was struck how often I have written about this topic here. I am guessing a repeat lesson for me! Duh Ronni! Here are a few of my past posts that also cover this topic nicely.

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fairywithoutorange with name

My Healing Fairy Alphabet site is coming along nicely with my new attached store for my artwork and goodies growing nicely too. Go visit and shop over here. You can preorder the new TWIGS book too. There’s a party happening over there! Can you feel it?

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