Why Being Empathic Can Suck & Not Suck

13 Jan

One of my favorite blog posts that begs to be re-posted.

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Here is my top 10 lists why being Empathic can suck and not suck.

The 10 Reasons Why Being Empathic Can Really Suck:

  1. You can feel deeply when loved-ones are in pain. Sometimes, you can confuse what they feel with what you feel.
  2. The world can overwhelm you. Bad things happen like the tsunami in Japan, and you feel deep pain, sadness, ennui, and helplessness.
  3. You can feel deeply intimate and close to others when it may be hard for them to return the favor.
  4. You can have lots of astral and mediumship visits, hear your animals, and there are tons of voices or feelings and information coming towards you.
  5. The planets moving around and the moon cycles affect you where others walk around mindless and untouched.
  6. You have access to deep information which others don’t have and therefore, you feel the need to jump in all the time.
  7. You…

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