January Fairy & Empath School

4 Jan

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I’m relocating.

Well, not me, I’m actually experimenting. I love SCHOOLOGY and have had lots of fun hosting my classes over there, but I miss the personal interaction, and I really would like to have my classes based right here on the home site. So, that means I will be having Fairy Online School and Empath School based right here. Students will receive the magic words to enter their classroom and you won’t have to leave the site to go to school. It will be more comfortable for students who are more challenged technology-wise.

Classes Offered

For January, I am offering less classes for better focus and concentration. There will be Empath Skills class, which will be a group class, Clairvoyance, and Animal Mediumship classes. There are two start dates to choose from, which is also an experiment.

Over at Fairy Online School, Fairy Healing for the Feminine, and Fairy Healing Beginner Class are being offered for you fairy/nature lovers. I promise those classes will be fairy-filled and fun.

More Changes

I hope to offer more fun videos for your lessons and new resources listed for further study. Woo hoo! I’m working a really cool class right on storytelling that is going to be filled with fun. It will be offered in February. Be sure to subscribe to this website to keep track of it to sign up.

Sign up!

To sign up now for Empath School or Fairy Online School click on those links. New classes start January 10th so get a move on and reserve our space. I’m looking forward to seeing you here!

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