Oops, off-center again & a solution

3 Dec

Has this happened to you?

I’m surfing the web, confused over a business issue looking for answers. Next thing, I’m pulled over to this really cool, shiny facebook page about moon cycles that I just need to check out. I’m pulled again in another direction with a new seminar that just came up that looks good. Then the girls want to go out and need me to open the door again. Back to the web, I’m now bitching how I have no clue what I’m doing with my biz or what direction I’m going in and singing that song again. Until…

A friend likes a post I just wrote, which leads to the Thriving Artist Summit. I hadn’t even started screaming at my guidance how I never get any help when this thing shows up. I start listening to an audio on marketing and the expert Nikolas Allen says it simply, “What do you do? Who is it for? Who does it benefit?” Hearing those words, I am now back in my own chair and own body again. Well, I know that! I want what I create to teach and help people!

What happened? Why did I get so thrown off? I’m sure it’s an empathic thing too. I picked up on a lot of confusion around me. I picked up a lot of messages from people selling insisting I needed their help and I must not know what I am wanting. I have a lot of childhood messages in there too that have to be thrown out that get triggered.

My favorite passage in Help! I’m Sensitive is about being thrown off in a yoga class. When I focused on those around me, and in this case, Facebook feed, I got thrown off balance. What I needed to do was come back to MY center and then I was clear. As an empath, it’s a HABIT to embody other people’s feelings and point of view to understand them. It’s the matter of going back to my own this time around. Shutting off the world for a little bit and asking myself the important questions. “What do I love to do?” “Why do I do it?” “And who do I want to assist?”

Ah, CENTER. And now I can even do Tree Pose really well.

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  1. ruthelsesser December 4, 2013 at 4:52 am #

    Had the same sort of experience today!


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