Teresa Wagner: Conversations with whales vs. one way psychic readings or archetypes

27 Sep

Our last guest post-er for Animal Communication Month is Teresa Wagner, one of my animal communication mentors, who is passionate about being a voice for the whales and wants to share this very important lesson.


Whales seem to speak a form of consciousness we are beginning to re-explore in our own inner natures. They help us chart our interior wilderness. We can hear whales singing. If we pay attention and let them live, perhaps we will hear them speak, in their own accents, their own language. It would be an extravagant reward to experience, by empathy, a different band of reality. ~ Joan McIntyre, Mind in the Waters

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The “extravagant reward” is available to us all! Thanks to the pioneering efforts of Penelope Smith and those who followed her, many, many humans have remembered their natural telepathic abilities to speak with animals. I have been talking with whales for over twenty five years–since 1988. Sometimes those conversations are about what they want to share with me regarding my own personal growth, sometimes to serve as a translator for people who want assistance in hearing the guidance whales want to offer them, sometimes to help whales in distress, and sometimes to bring messages from the whales to groups of people, and sometimes just to chat about everyday things.

Most of us who love animals seem to have certain species with whom we connect much more deeply than others—animals who call to our souls in ways that no others can. This is how it is for me with the whales. They are my ancestral family and my spiritual guides. I love them beyond measure. Whether we refer to the animals with whom we have such profound relationships as our power animals, totem animals, spirit guides, teachers, healers or family is not what is important. What does seem to be important is our openness and willingness to enthusiastically yet humbly discern their important messages for us, and to apply that learning into the daily fabric of our lives.

From the diligent work of scientists we learn about the biology of whales. From the ongoing work of researchers of cetacean behavior we learn the patterns of whale populations, distribution, migration and what they do in all of the earth’s oceans. The continually growing body of work regarding the biology and behavior of whales helps us better understand them and often helps to protect them. And through the passionate efforts of activists, laws are created and changed and cultures are influenced to further protect whales. Research, conservation, and activism are all needed to save the whales.

It is only through direct communication with the whales, however, through the universal language of telepathy, that we can move beyond making assumptions about why whales do what they do, to learn what they think, what they feel, their perceptions of humans, and to learn the very stories of their lives, and to offer them the energy of healing for specific needs.

Telepathy is the universal language of the soul—used by all species and between species. It is the natural extension of intuition, an ability available to each of us, involving the sending or receiving of feelings, images words or energy over distance, transcending time and space. There is no difference inside of us. All beings speak the same language of the soul.
If we love whales and want to honor and effectively communicate with them, we must relate to them not only via their physical bodies and observable behavior, but also beyond biology and behavior–to acknowledge and communicate with them at the level of their souls. When we speak with the souls of whales with love, compassion, empathy and respect–through the portal of our hearts, true communication becomes possible. When we go beyond intellectual gathering and analysis of data, and when we go deeper than sentimentality, communication becomes sacred. Telepathy allows a two way exchange that is intimate and often deeply rewarding for both whales and humans. Having conversations with whales is quite different from observing whales and then making assumptions about the behavior observed.

Clearly, two way communication takes us beyond assumptions. Observing behavior does not tell us everything about an animal or person, and the assumptions we make without checking in with those involved can be completely wrong.

When we want to communicate with whales (or any animals), it is much more meaningful and accurate if we engage in a dynamic, two-way conversation rather than doing a one-way psychic reading, or apply the stereotypes of archetypes to individual whales. A one-way reading of a soul’s energy can be accurate, but a back and forth conversation always reveals so much more than a one way reading, which is only a static picture of another’s energy. (Read more in an article: The Difference Between a Conversation and a Psychic Reading.)

When I talk with the whales, I prefer the phrase “having a conversation with” to the terms channeling, medium, or psychic reading. There is nothing wrong with those terms. Psychic actually means “of the soul.” However, contemporary television shows and movies have so over-sensationalized psychic work, reducing it at times to sound bite entertainment (usually with a focus on proof of whether it’s real, not whether it’s helping anyone) and perpetuating the myth that people in those roles have some sort of exclusive, exotic, strange or melodramatic ability. Melodrama, ego and entertainment serve no beneficial purpose in sacred conversations with animals. What does serve these conversations is the energy of love, respect, compassion, empathy, humility and the important ethical practice of clearing oneself of filters before conversations.

When we are having conversations with animals, we’re filtering when we hear messages, see things or feel energy through the lens of our personal beliefs or perspectives–especially if we communicate what we hear, see or believe as if it is a universal truth or fact rather than our opinion. This is also called projection. A more accurate way to telepathically communicate with animals is to do so with empathy. Empathy is our attempt to understand an animal through the lens of their perspective, rather than impose ours onto them. When we mistake our own personal perspective as a message from an animal, or our opinions as fact and applicable to everyone, we are filtering and or projecting.

If we truly want to know what individual whales may be thinking, what is on their minds and in their hearts and what they want to say to us, then we must commit to listening without filters.

Filtering can come from our personal values, desires or from our beliefs in certain dogmas or archetypes, and can be used consciously or unconsciously. When we talk with animals, it is important to let go of all preconceived ideas. stereotypes and archetypes of species, breed, gender and to simply connect with an individual animal, and listen. If we assume that an animal of a particular species, such as a whale, will tell us information of a particular sort, then that is what we will hear. We will perceive through this filter, rather than sensing whatever it is a particular animal really may want to say to us. If we truly want to know what individual whales may be thinking, what is on their minds and in their hearts and what they want to say to us, then we must commit to listening without filters. During the period of time that we are listening to them we must put aside our own values, beliefs and desires so we can truly hear them, not what we might wish they would say or want. Some of us refer to this as a process of energetic clearing, done before telepathic conversation. (Click here to learn about how filtering impacted my conversation with Keiko (the whale who starred in Free Willy and lived most of his life in captivity).   http://www.swimandcommunicatewithwhales.com/a-sampling-of-messages-from-whales#captive )

Letting go of archetypal information about whales while communicating with them is an important step in this energetic clearing of ourselves of filters. Telepathy involves having a conversation with animals. It is live and dynamic. Archetypes offer us information about animals. It is static information which may have absolutely nothing to do with the animal with whom we are talking. Telepathy allows us to communicate with animals–with individual animals about specific information. Telepathic animal communication involves having a conversation with animals–accessing the actual thoughts.

Archetypes are generalized opinions about animals, usually references about an entire species. They are based on assumptions about animals, not conversations with animals. A common archetypal assumption about animals is that all individuals in a species group share the same spiritual qualities or abilities, which they hold for the purpose of serving humans. Furthermore, it’s often described that these qualities can be absorbed by humans, especially if they tap into their “power animal.”

Assigning archetypal meanings of animals’ purpose and existence on earth to every animal in a group is terribly limiting, if not also condescending and erroneous, to the individuals in each species. We can’t possibly know the life purpose of an animal, the meaning of encountering a particular animal, how the animals feels about us, etc. unless we ask. Internalizing stereotyped information about whales can skew–filter–what we think we hear from them, or perhaps worse, make us think there is no need for conversation since someone already wrote down in a book “what whale energy means.” Can you imagine someone from Mars writing a book called “what human female energy means”–as if all female humans are alike?

An example of this occurred on one of my whale swim trips when one of the women in the group asked for my help in clarifying the energy and messages she was receiving from a whale. She said that though she very much enjoyed connecting with this whale, she was quite surprised that he was very “puppy-like, light and playful, not at all serious.” She said she expected the whales to feel more like the Dali Lama than a puppy, because she read in various places that “whales are the keepers of the earth’s history and wisdom.” She was shocked when she connected to this whale, thinking she had somehow connected to the wrong animal, perhaps a dog back on land, or a dolphin because she had read that they are all about “joy and play.” She thought that all whales were wise healers of the earth. When I checked in with this whale, he clearly wanted to talk with her about having fun and playing, but nothing else (and this was not a calf or especially young whale). He had no special wisdom to offer about the healing of the universe or records of the earth’s history, just how much fun he was having hanging out with us humans, and that he hoped this woman was having fun being amongst the whales. As we talked more about it, the person reflected on this and realized she was not having enough fun in her own life and wanted to lighten up. She concluded that she was drawn to connect with this whale to feel inspired by the energy of playfulness and fun available to her in her daily life. She let go of the idea of a “one size fits all archetypes.”

Think what she would have missed had she merely continued to read archetypal information about “what whale energy means.” She probably would have discounted her connection with this whale and continued to expect only “we hold the earths’ wisdom and we’re here to heal the earth and everyone on it” type energy from all the whales. I encouraged her to feel good about the fact that though she had been exposed to a stereotyped belief about whales, when she telepathically connected with this whale, she didn’t let it stop her from receiving his playful energy accurately! Though she was initially confused about the disparity between what she received from the whale and the archetypes she had come to believe, she did take in information contrary to the stereotypes she had read. She didn’t filter! And then, thankfully, for any future individual connections with whales, she let go of the stereotype altogether.

Having conversations with individuals unhampered by stereotypical expectations is a much more accurate and respectful way to relate to whales and to learn what they have to tell us and teach us.


A whale named Uncle has this to say about the archetype of whales being the keepers of the earth’s wisdom

“Wisdom comes from souls, not species. All whales are not highly evolved beings with lofty abilities to heal the planet or humans in miraculous ways. Like humans, some are more evolved than others. Like humans, some of us have expansive purposes and are involved in the healing of individuals and the planet. Some are leaders and some lead more quiet lives with purposes centered around their own private life lessons. Our roles and life purposes are varied–just like yours.

There are whales who come to earth to focus on learning simply what it’s like to be a whale. Others come to also be spiritual leaders or healers–just like it is with humans. We are not, as some people believe, the ‘keepers of wisdom’ any more than any other species. You have the capability to access wisdom through your own soul, and through your own relationship with God, the Divine. Whales, as a group are no better with this than you.”

About Teresa Wagner:

Teresa Wagner has an animal communication practice and facilitates Sacred Swims with humpback whales every year off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

Teresa’s Contact Information:

Photo copyright Sierra Goodman, used with permission and gratitude; feelings and stories directly from individual animals.



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