Sandy Karbowski: Sorting out all those voices in your head

20 Sep

I’m happy to share Sandy’s story, a wonderful healer I was able to work with. Perhaps, you can relate to her story. sandyLike all of you reading this post, I am an animal lover. Always have been. I’ve had many in my life and still do. I’ve worked with horses in my teens and as a professional dog groomer for 17 years now.

Also, like many of you, I am intuitive, sensitive to energies, vibrations, and all other types of things, as well as being an Empath.

I would listen to speakers giving seminars who were able to communicate with animals. “What a wonderful thing to be able to do!” I would think. Then I always wondered why I wasn’t able to do it. I certainly loved animals, spent my life with them, worked with them, and I am most definitely intuitive. It wasn’t for lack of wanting to, or even trying to. How do these people do it and apparently so easily? Was there something wrong with me or my intuitive abilities?

I signed up to take a teleclass on “Help For the Sensitive” being given by Ronni Ann Hall through the Animal Spirit Network at that time. Boy, did I ever need help there! Seems I was such an energetic sponge, soaking up all of the frankly crappy energy surrounding me from everywhere. God knows I had tried to put up my protections, etcetera, seemingly to no avail. I know I needed this class, so I took it.

I just clicked with Ronni’s energy, so I looked up her website. Low and behold, she was offering a mentorship on animal communication, among other topics, through her Fairy Online School. I thought, “Damn it, I want to get to the bottom of why I can’t hear animals” so I signed up. I just didn’t believe that I could hear animals. I needed help from someone who did actually hear them.

Help I did get. I found I couldn’t “hear” animals because of all of the noise inside my head, all of the time! It was like trying to hear someone whispering something important to you while attending a Led Zeppelin concert listening to “Whole Lotta Love” live. OK, so I am dating myself. They were my first concert all those years ago and are still the loudest thing I have ever heard. Still love them by the way.

For all of you intuitive folk out there, did you ever know that not everyone hears all of those voices in their heads? I didn’t. I’ve heard them since I was a kid, so of course, I thought we all did. You just get used to all of that noise. Kind of like Moms and Dads who no longer hear “MOM, MOM, MOM, DAD, DAD, DAD, I WANT THIS, I NEED THAT, SHE’S HITTING ME, HE TOOK MY STUFF…..” You wonder how they can’t possibly hear all of that? But hear it, they don’t. They have learned to tune it out. Same with all of the noise in my head.

While working with Ronni, we found that I needed to put psychic gatekeepers or bouncers in place at my psychic doorways to only allow in messages that I needed or wanted to hear. I chose to place Red-tail Hawks at my doorways. They have always been special to me and are some of my Guides. Naturally I have a lot of animals and Faeries helping me. I’ll bet a lot of you do too.

We had the Hawks bar the doors. Silence at last! I never knew what that was like. Seems like everything was yakking at me all at once. If you haven’t experienced it personally, everything can and does talk. Trees, plants, clouds, rocks, people, animals, things that have passed on, etcetera.

Next we had the Hawks sort the messages to different psychic doorways using the directions right side, left side, from above, and through my heart space. We placed all things that were currently “alive” in this world to the right. All things that had passed to the left. My Guides messages above, and things I wished to communicate with to my heart space.

When the Hawks sorted the things that had passed to the left side and we shut the other doors, I found that like the kid in “The Sixth Sense,” I hear dead things. Lots of them! I guess I have some mediumship abilities. Who knew? It could explain why I kept hearing a voice at work saying “I want to go home” and other voices trying to tell me what happened to them all of the time. I thought I was just picking up on some crabby people! 🙂 These beings are actually in between worlds I think. They aren’t here in physical form, but they aren’t fully on the Other Side either. I can hear from beings who are on the Other Side also.

When the bouncers were in place, I was able to immediately pick up on Ronni’s dog Emma Lou. I felt for her energetically as if I was petting her in my lap and she came through loud and clear. The funny part is she first appeared to me to be a small beagle, then a basset hound. I later found out that she had been a beagle previously and was now incarnated as a basset hound. Guess she appeared to me as both. How cool was that?

With the bouncers permanently in place, I no longer have to be bothered by everyone’s thoughts when passing them in the grocery aisles like “My son doesn’t call me enough”, or “I wish she wouldn’t have left me”, nor with the being at work who kept complaining that it wants to go home. I have learned to have control over my intuitive abilities. Thank God! It is a whole lot quieter in my head now. I can use my gifts more effectively to help others.

The area I specialize in now is as a medical intuitive and energy healer for animals. I am able to receive information as to where they have a disturbance in their energetic or physical bodies, how they might have developed it, or just whatever they wish to say about it. I then work with the animal to help them to heal themselves or their situations. The communication flows freely now and has become second nature. You could say I’ve become bilingual. I have an affinity for horses, birds, and the wild ones, but enjoy working with all animals.

I recently helped my friend’s horses when she was looking for homes for them. She is on the road a lot for work and wanted them to have homes where they will be ridden and spend more time with their people. Her little mare wasn’t sure about what was going on. I explained it to her, and that it was her turn to shine and show everyone just how smart she was. Did she ever! Everyone was saying how she seemed to be a completely different horse from the one they had seen earlier in the day. She got it. She also got a great home with a young teenager who has the same sense of adventure that she has. They will be exploring the world together for a long time to come.

I don’t only hear animals when I work with them. I can hear them all of the time if I want to It can be fun to hear what they have to say. Some of the dogs that I work with make me laugh out loud! Of course, people I work with think I am nuts and have no idea what I am laughing about. Nor will they! There are a lot of inside jokes with these dogs.

I went into a pet supply store that also sells birds and small pocket pets. The birds were having a major bickering match between them about who could eat where. The little lizard babies were so proud to tell me about how cool they were. The funniest part was when the Guinea Pigs started yelling “Run!” when the most obnoxious kid charged at their cages, yelling and banging on the glass. I had to move to a different aisle trying to keep a straight face.

So not only can you use animal communication to help animals, but it also enriches your life. I love to see the humor in life and apparently, the animals and other beings in Nature love to share it too. There is nothing quite so cool as conversing with a wise tree or hearing Hawks talking with you as they soar overhead. Or hearing your beloved German Shepherd calling the neighbors a few choice names. I wonder where she heard that from? Ahem. I have some pretty awful neighbors who are just cranking up for another night of noise. Sigh.

For all of you that have noisy heads like I did, get some bouncers in place. Take a mentorship to find out what will work to open up the flow of communication for you. It is natural that all things can and do communicate together. People used to know that ages ago. Some of us just need help to remember the language. It will change our world.

About Sandy Karbowski:

I am currently working on a book and oracle card deck that explains easy ways to work with animals with energy healing. I want to help as many people and their animals as possible to make their lives more enjoyable.  I am currently working on my website where I will be offering my services as an animal communicator, medical intuitive, and energy healer for animals.

To contact Sandy:

She can be reached at



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