What Animals in the Afterlife Know: Guest Maureen Harmonay

6 Sep


After having connected with many thousands of spirits, psychic medium James Van Praagh recently discussed the everlasting nature of our relationships with our beloved animal companions. “Right after an animal passes,” he said, “they tend to come back to you in spirit. They come back to the same places they used to visit.”

We hope and long for these spirit visitations, and when we are lucky enough to experience them–even for a few fleeting seconds–we see them as indisputable signs that our loving links to the animals with whom we’ve shared our lives haven’t been broken by death.  But when we don’t, we sometimes worry that our departed animals have permanently absented themselves from our lives, without a trace.

It’s not true. In my experience as an animal communicator, I’ve learned that animals who have left their bodies behind can continue to stay involved in our lives in wonderful and sometimes magical ways. They know what we say; they see what we do.


Dawson’s Story

A big black lab named Dawson taught me that. I had originally worked with him after he’d been diagnosed with cancer, and though his prognosis seemed grim, Dawson responded well to treatment, and was able to enjoy many carefree months before the disease sapped him of joy and strength and the will to go on. With great sadness and regret, his family helped him shed his wracked body.

Not long afterward, Charlotte, his “mom,” asked me to connect with Dawson, hoping that he would be able to relay a message that would allay her great grief at his passing. As she had hoped, he conveyed that he had accepted his death with a sense of love and peace, and even gratitude. She felt better.

But there was more. He transmitted a vivid image of a locket, which, when it opened, revealed photographs of two young girls. When I asked Charlotte about it, she confessed that she had been obsessively searching for a locket after Dawson’s death, so she could hold a picture of him close to her heart. Even more amazingly, the one she ordered had arrived on the very day that I communicated with Dawson. She pried it open to reveal photographs of two young girls inside, exactly as Dawson had described.

As if that weren’t enough, Dawson also showed a black lab puppy, suggesting that it would soon join Charlotte and her husband. I distinctly heard the name, “Troy,” in association with this future puppy, and assumed that Dawson was simply expressing his preference for the new dog’s name.

It turned out that Dawson knew a lot more than I did about his family’s plans. A few days later, Charlotte started searching for Labrador Retriever breeders online, “just in case,” and had found one nearby whose dogs looked exactly like Dawson. She noticed something uncanny on the breeder’s website, and called me to let me know:  the kennel’s foundation sire, a ruggedly handsome champion, had an unusual but eerily familiar name.  Believe it or not, it was “Troy.”

sophie (2) copy

Sophie’s Story

Sophie was a much-loved orange tiger cat who for 14 years had shared her life with Emanuel and Jessica, who cherished her as a daughter.  On May 19th, 2010, Sophie died, after having suffered from cancer, and ultimately, congestive heart failure. Emanuel and Jessica were bereft at her passing. I first communicated with Sophie a few weeks after her death, and then three more times over the course of two years. You might think that a spirit cat would run out of interesting things to say, but not Sophie.

During our first session, Sophie said that although she dearly missed her people, she was not thinking about coming back because “she didn’t want to die again,” at least for a while. But she said she would send Emanuel and Jessica another cat for them to love. Two weeks later, they found Velma, who Emanuel described as having a “very magical connection” with them. “Little Velma chose us and we couldn’t say no.  It was the same sensation we had 14 years ago with Sophie,” he said.

Once again, we had to marvel at what Sophie knew about her family’s lives,

in real time.

Five months later, Sophie was at it again. During a second telepathic session, she said she was worried that Velma might have an accident.  Sophie specifically mentioned a danger posed by knitting or sewing needles, cautioning that they should be kept away from Velma because she might try to swallow them. What I couldn’t have known was that a few days before I talked with Sophie, Jessica had dropped one of her sewing needles. Velma had immediately pounced on it and was in the process of trying to ingest it when Emanuel intervened to prevent a potential tragedy. Once again, we had to marvel at what Sophie knew about her family’s lives, in real time.

It was during my last session with Sophie, two years after she left her body, that she confirmed that regardless of the passage of time, she remained keenly aware of pivotal events in Jessica and Emanuel’s lives. She showed me an image of a graceful ballerina. I didn’t know that Jessica teaches ballet, and that Emanuel and Jessica had just been talking about opening a ballet school. But Sophie did.

And poignantly, Sophie showed me an image an elegant older woman who seemed to be a special member of the family, and told me that her name was “Estella.” With tears in his voice, Emanuel said yes, he understood.  “Estella” was his grandmother. I couldn’t have known that, but Sophie knew.

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Maureen Harmonay is sponsoring the first-ever Conference on Animals in the Afterlife on November 3rd, 2013 in Boxborough, Massachusetts, at which Kim Sheridan, author of the groundbreaking Animals and the Afterlife, will deliver the keynote address. Psychic Medium Joanne Gerber will make spontaneous spirit connections during a special presentation; we hope that some of the guests’ animals will also come through. It promises to be a memorable day.
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Maureen’s contact links:

Maureen Harmonay uses telepathy and compassion to communicate with animals, whether in body or in spirit. You can reach Maureen at her website, AnimalTranslations.com.



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