Balloons and upcoming AC Month

29 Aug


Over at my new Designing Fairy Cinema  EXPERIMENT LAB blog, there’s a little message for you about dreams.

It’s been a crazy last few months and I am still recovering! Our little household is adjusting to Sarah not ruling the roost, but Emma has stepped in rather nicely and is enjoying the extra attention. I’m gearing up for the Fall session of Fairy Online School and the new Intuitive Map class, and…

Next month (only a week away)


I’m really looking forward to the great guest posters that will be stopping by The Designing Fairy. Each has a mini-lesson or something they would like to share with you about one of my favorite subjects, animal communication. So, do stop by on Tuesday to meet our first guest, Janet Roper, animal communicator and creator of a radio show all about animal communication! Yay!!!

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