Things I should like, but don’t

1 May


what I DO like – my Girls

We are all trying to “find” ourselves underneath the masks, the mud, the shoulds…

I am discovering… that a very strong voice inside of me is emerging. It’s vocal right now, and it’s loud.

We all have that voice. It’s our soul, sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming. And screaming can be through our bodies’ cries of illness or  through the complaints from our rebellious spirit.

I am discovering…that there are a lot of things I should like that I really don’t like, and I’m tired of saying I like it. Perhaps you can relate. In no particular order here’s a small list:

  1. I should like Twitter, but I don’t. It’s like a fast-moving escalator with everyone screaming at once with no real connection to each other. Sometimes, there is a voice that comes through the madness you can hear but it’s like finding someone waving in a crowd in an airport. That’s too much work to find them. I also hate new followers that already have 300,000 followers and don’t give a crap who I am or what I do. 
  2. Many vegetables. I eat broccoli, but it doesn’t taste great. I only like green beans that come in the can and have salt in them. I do like salads because you can add all kinds of yummy things to them and they are interesting visually.
  3. Being friendly to people I don’t like. I have come to the conclusion from age and experience that you don’t need to be nice to mean or jerky people. They don’t understand it and they don’t appreciate it. Often, being nice is an invitation for them to take advantage of you.
  4. Cleaning.
  5. Parties. I HATE small talk. I bore easily which is probably not a good trait. I like to talk about things in depth or hear people’s stories.
  6. Okay, I don’t like hearing stories about health issues. Really don’t like that. I am visual and empathic so I don’t need to hear about your last stay in the hospital where they cut into your stomach and ripped out all the bloody parts.
  7. Insensitive sensitive people. These folks may not be truly sensitive, or maybe they are and they become so hardened to protect themselves they have become the insensitive people who say ridiculously insensitive stuff that comes out of their mouths like projectile vomit.
  8. Surrender. It’s probably the definition I don’t like that is incorrect. And there’s lots attached to it including TRUST, but when you’ve trusted and it went horribly wrong, it’s super hard to do. Goes along with the one line I hate more than anything, “God only gives you what you can handle.” Bull poopy. The biggest bull poopy I’ve ever read. Then you feel guilty you are strong.
  9. I always bitch about this. I was even thinking about making a weekly post of spiritual sayings I found that don’t really say anything, or worse, are unrealistic. They usually fall into the category of “don’t worry and just be calm and at peace even though your house is on fire,” or “think and be like a monk even though you have bills to pay and a ton of responsibilities.”
  10. And finally, I’m supposed to like Facebook Biz pages…

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 10.43.11 AM

I bitched the other day here about Facebook and ended up in the New York Times Small Business page “freeing myself from Facebook”. I think my rebellious, inner spirit called out to the rebellious spirit of the writer of that page. It was an interesting nod from the Universe/God that it’s okay for me to object to things I “should” like because everyone else says I should like it. It’s even okay to be negative! Wow, what a spiritual concept! It’s freeing. It’s empowering. Because by doing so, you walk your own path, and you learn who you are under all the mud.

4 Responses to “Things I should like, but don’t”

  1. wenzowsa May 1, 2013 at 11:06 pm #

    Great entry, and completely honest. I love the idea of being open and upfront with the things we dislike. It’s way better, and much more genuine, than pretending. Do you mind if I borrow this format for a blog entry sometime (i.e. Things I Dislike, But Should Actually Like)

    Oh, and I completely agree with you on the Twitter (ew), Parties, and Facebook business notes.


    • designingfairy May 2, 2013 at 12:09 am #

      No problem. Glad to see I inspired you. Yup, Twitter, ugh.


  2. elfacinc May 1, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

    Great true list, Ronni.
    Tomorrow I’ll do my own.
    Thank You.
    Elena Turtle


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