What I learned from movies…

12 Mar

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and for something fun…What I Learned from the Movies…

I’m a big movie fan and from watching lots of movies I’ve learned a great deal. There does seem to be distinct differences between the movie world and ours.

  1. If you are being chased by a homicidal maniac, do not trip and fall. If you do fall, do not just lie there and shake, get the %$# up and run away even faster. 
  2. If you ever hear scary music playing in the background, know that something bad is going to happen or someone who is evil or the “bad guy” just entered your picture. (Wouldn’t that be amazingly great if we were warned like that?)
  3. Everything that is playing out in your life right now is like one big story. Look at the connections and the symbolism/metaphors to figure out what’s really going on.
  4. Some folks are really just catalysts or bit players in your life, even plot devices, to create big action that creates big change in the end.
  5. We can ask for happy endings or at least work towards them.
  6. Some folks are just here to play the villains this time around. Be free to say BOOOOOO when they are around.
  7. Popcorn really does make the stories in your life look more interesting. At least it tastes really good.
  8. Your life might start out sad and upsetting, have lots of trauma and crisis in the middle, but in the end it all makes sense in some way (or at least makes a good movie).
  9. In movie world, everyone is more productive. Unfortunately, in real life everyone has to stop and take a pee or needs to eat a few times a day. I can’t imagine Harrison Ford stopping in the middle of being chased by an enormous ball to ask where the nearest bathroom is, and in some movies, you wonder if the main character ever eats at all.
  10. And in that movie world, everyone can go to sleep and wake up with their makeup on. I find this fascinating because the times I did this, I rashed out and looked quite wonky in the morning.

There you have it. Movies are very helpful in giving us a better perspective of our lives, and provide at the very least, a gratefulness that we can eat real food.

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  1. elfacinc March 12, 2013 at 9:24 pm #

    Very interesting, above all N° 8: It made me smile, Yes at the end I’ll do a movie of my life, good or bad it is. Humor makes life lighter.
    Entertaining your thoughts!



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