Sketchbook Saturday: Z is for Zinnia

22 Dec

sketchbook saturday

I haven’t had time in awhile for Sketchbook Saturday, so I thought it was a good idea to post one today. I thought this card was super appropriate for the times right now. When I finishing my calendar I felt this card was a fitting one to include and summed up what I had gained or learned in 2012. We can go through some pretty awful experiences in our lives but something special survives and can’t be destroyed.

Z is for Zinnia.



This month’s lesson is about…survival and joy. Often in life we go through hardship, loss and trauma, which chips away at that delicious, child-like innocence we came in with. Years ago, my family and I planted a small garden. We bought expensive dirt and laid out the garden with care. Each plant was picked to bring joy to the yard. But what we didn’t count on was the conditions: strong Arizona heat that reached 106 degrees and killed every plant but one: the hardy Zinnia. Zinnia is the fairy joy flower. Even in the toughest conditions and experiences, there’s a precious part of us that doesn’t die. Hint: it’s the part that still knows how to giggle.

A little about the artwork:

I wanted the zinnia to stand out and to be very stylized to show its beauty and simplicity. I love the art crayons which gave the wonderful textures in the background.

ORDER: This card/art is in my 2013 Healing Fairy Alphabet calendar available over at Lulu. You can order yours here.

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