Sometimes it’s Simple or Don’t Be a Hypochondriac

13 Aug

I wrote an article in Dogs Naturally magazine about sometimes what is ailing our animals has a  simple solution.

As animal parents, when our babies don’t feel well or appear to have something wrong, the first reaction is panic. Lots of panic. And if we have experienced loss, there’s often fear of losing are animals that flashes through our minds and hearts.

My animals are just like people and have ongoing little things that their bodies like to express. Just like I have seasonal allergies, so do they. Emma’s chronic ear issues have kept the veterinarian happy. After all, those big floppy ears love to attract all kinds of things. They are soft and comfy. Sarah has to deal with older dog issues. I worry about my parakeets because they are getting older, just like Sarah is. But the parakeets are such a mystery to me, having more knowledge of dogs.

Bun-Bun, (short for Abundance), is my opinionated and talkative girl. She had a problem with her cere when it looked swollen back in June. Imagine my embarrassment when I found out she was simply in breeding season.

Prosperity, (not short for anything), is my social boy. His cere had gotten darker gradually the last few months. He spends most of his day with his face submerged in the food bowl, while Bun-Bun likes talking away sitting by the toys.

As a responsible animal parent, I did the logical thing and did a search on the internet. Bad idea. Being a sensitive and creative person, I am also very imaginative and my feelings can run away from myself. The internet is a great source of info but also can be daunting when you are trying to find symptoms = which disease.

I read a dark beak was a sign of cancer! Oh f%$#! Are you serious? It could also be a hormonal imbalance. Okay, who doesn’t have that?

I am so grateful for animal communication. I mean, I really am. I tuned in to Prosperity and to my Guides for extra information while in a calm, relaxed state. ( I had just had a bath.) What I heard and felt was that it was minor what he had, and “outer layers”  not disease, and that he needed a little bath of water which would help. Oh, and more leaves. They love leaves.

I “kept getting” that he needed to wash off that cere. THAT’S animal communication, my dears. He was telling me all along.

I searched through my shallow, narrow bowls that I could put into their extra cage. Prosperity loved it! And a week later, you know what? His beak is BLUE! It’s not a dark brown. He was healed! Bun-Bun checked out the water, and moved to the other side of the cage. Bun-Bun pretty much doesn’t like anything.

For validation I suppose, that same week I had the problem with Prosperity, I had several animal clients having what looked like serious symptoms that turned out to be simple explanations. Sometimes they are allergic to the new pipe stove fumes, or the new food is irritating, or they just need a bath. 🙂

And if you can trust your guidance and what you get through animal communication, then you will trust it when it is more serious and you will know what to do.

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