Lots of crankiness in the world–we need this

1 Aug

I am noticing a lot of crankiness and hot tempers in the world lately. It’s probably the unusual heat plaguing areas not used to it (we’re used to it) that is upsetting everyone’s Pitta. Last week I related to it, as I was hormonally challenged, so I do understand. But we do need more light to fill up that darkness. It’s too easy to get lost in it and then we think we are the dark parts! So, I bring you this:

Aren’t they pretty? Nothing cheers my soul like finding a pretty flower in my yard I didn’t know was there!

And this! Finding a face on the rock elder beneath my feet.

A stray butterfly flying by my head brings me such joy; such delicate beauty.

You see, lots of yuck can happen in your world. Believe me I KNOW. But there is a small little part in our heart that survives, and it notices the beauty and the wonder in the world. It loves the everyday magic in the passing butterfly. It’s like a good seed planted there, and everyday we are handed bad seeds to grow–through the media, other people, life.  I say,


Reminds me that one acorn can grow an oak tree. Just one!

(You will have to excuse me. I have just finished watching a marathon watching of MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO and I’m feeling quite nice.)

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