Ghost vs. Spirits and Enabling the Stuck

21 Jun

I love watching Ghost Hunter shows. It’s a little fascination of mine, and, I even was able to go on a ghost-hunting exposition, and was even lucky enough to be a part of filming a ghost-hunting show recently. But my perception or opinion has changed possibly from those experiences, and definitely  from watching a low-grade Ghost Hunting show.

My local town, Camp Verde, (very, very rural), has a scaled down version of Walmart called Alco. It’s there I saw a copy of a Ghosthunting collection of shows I had to have.

I couldn’t wait to rip off the plastic from the DVD and dive in. I was disappointed. Sure, there was good footage of ghostly experiences, but it was also very dark in nature that upset me. But what really got me going was one featured show about a haunted abandoned hotel. A ghost hunting crew was led around and introduced by a local woman who conducts tours. She retold a story how the ghosts there flew her across the room one time. She talked about the ghosts as her friends and was their official voice as a medium. She knew their habits and preferences. Almost had an intimate knowledge of each one.

Does this feel right to you?

If I was a soul stuck back in tragedy and another time, wandering around lonely and upset, would I want to be stuck like that? Or, worse, be someone’s entertainment? In many of these shows, they capture spirit voices trying to communicate on tape and then they get all excited over evidence and leave the poor soul stuck there! They’ve opened the door to communication and just left. I can’t imagine having an animal client who trusts me enough to talk to me and tell me how he/she is feeling, and then I just walk away! Talk about abandonment issues.

Earthbounds or ghosts are those who haven’t crossed into the light yet. They’ve pretty much wandered, hung out, not budged. Some are stuck by other ghosts. Some, by guilt. Others, by confusion and trauma. Spirits, like my departed mom or your relatives, have made it to the light/heaven and communicate from that plane or space.  There’s a distinct difference. When we go on ghost-hunting trips, we are usually communicating with ghosts who didn’t cross over.

In my one disastrous ghost-hunting visit with a local ghost group, we communicated with a ghost who was a resident of a hotel. It saddened me that she didn’t move on, partly because she was lonely, but mostly because she liked all the attention from those who stayed at the hotel and even from the ghost-hunting crew. This gave me a new perspective. It was the like the hotel workers were enabling her “stuck-ness,” much like the woman in the ghost hunting video did.

What I thought was funny at the time, was the group asked really strange questions that related way, way back when she first died from an illness. Even though the female ghost was out of body for so long that was no longer relevant to her.

A lot of ghosts that are supposed to haunt places–I think of nearby Jerome–are not even there anymore! They moved on. Maybe even reincarnated. But I guess you can’t sell hotel rooms without ghostly legends, eh?

And why do we need so much “evidence” that ghosts exist? To the sensitive, it’s a no-brainer. We don’t need proof like that. We see, feel and hear it.

I guess we need to approach the whole ghost thing as you would the living. If I were to be totally stuck, still wearing clothes from ten years ago, haven’t progressed at all in my spiritual evolution, I sure would want my friends to get me some help so I could move on in my life. Why not these ghosts? It sure isn’t healthy to be stuck in your old hotel room for hundreds of years reliving your horrible death from illness and starvation. Talk about PTSD!

Next time you encounter a ghost or earthbound, ask him or her, What do you need to move on? And just like with people in body, know when to give up if they aren’t ready to do so. We all know someone who is literally stuck in their own mind merry-go-round.


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5 Responses to “Ghost vs. Spirits and Enabling the Stuck”

  1. Karen G. June 21, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

    Ronni, have you ever ask Archangel Michael to help a ghost or earthbound to cross over into the light? Some of them just don’t know how to find it if theyve been here for so long.


    • designingfairy June 21, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

      ALWAYS recommend that. Absolutely. I will call in their Guides too to help them out. Good point, Karen.


  2. ELENA June 25, 2012 at 10:54 pm #


    on my esperience, I feel to leave this souls to come in the moment they want to come ( they know when It is time).
    They send messages in odd ways to everybody who wants to listen to, by heart.
    Almost every night, before to go bed, I light a little candle for those passed away people ( known or unknown ) and for those alive with big health or wealth problems and tell a little prayer for help them. And ask peace for every creature on Earth and Heaven ( ? or parallel dimensions ? ).

    All my best,
    Elena, Verona, Italy.


    • designingfairy June 26, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

      Elena, it’s beautiful you do that! How honoring to the spirits and the people you know.


      • ELENA June 27, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

        Excuse my turtle way to answer You.
        I think alive and not alive Souls are everywhere in a form of energy that we cannot see with our common limited senses.
        Animals and children, maybe artists, are able to see in some their special ways. As a social conditioned adult I lost a little bit this special capacity and a noisy rational minded world doesn’t permitted to talk about those amazing things. They accepted to see them on fiction. People are afraid about what is not tangible and they see me as a abnormal person. So I keep this for myself. Difficult.
        On my experience, in some sad circumstances I unconsciously opened myself and, most of the time, was a fine sensation: a Soul was near me as to say:
        ” don’t be so sad, be hope “. There were not words, but feelings.
        And i immediatley I felt better.
        NO fear.
        At that moment my rational mind forgot.
        Many years after, suddenly, I remembered and accepted that there are different ways of communication. Empath is one of these.
        I think Humans don’t know themselves very well as Human. Too many
        conditioning. Me, too.

        All my best,
        Elena, Veona, Italy


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