Weird dream tied into old lesson

18 Feb

I recently had a really wild dream that my bed was outside (probably my desire to live in Indian Gardens). It was a comfortable brass post bed, but I looked down to find I was surrounded by weeds all around me. I started pulling them in exasperation, but then I noticed I had pulled out a few daisies–that which I love!

I was talking to Bill the other day about this dream and we both nodded our heads in confusion.I figured it was telling me that maybe I wouldn’t like living outdoors after all. But I had the real meaning of the dream all along.

Here’s the funny part…reading an old post and lesson I had written about being thrown off by negative beliefs and planted bad seeds that looked like weeds, I had my light bulb moment! How funny my own lessons would make it into dreams to teach me again. And, what a good reminder and warning that what I was feeling was those bad weeds overtaking the yard and I was not only ignoring the precious buds coming up, but I had pulled them mistakenly out of the ground!

Cool, huh?

(I reposted that lesson below.)

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