Would you like to be on my Blog Book Tour?

23 Jan

I’ve been involved in a few book tours here at Ronni’s Psychic Room, and I was thinking, why don’t I have one of my own in February for my book, Help! I’m Sensitive, since I am hoping to reach as many folks who need the information and tools provided in this book.

Do you have a blog where you can review my book? What’s in it for you? A free read, translates to free eBook sent over your way. Also, lots of traffic from my readers and students and lots of new folks from lots of linkage.

I am looking for blogs that are:

  • non-competing with what I offer but complementary
  • positive and uplifting
  • deals with those who sensitive, empathic, or psychic
  • have a good size traffic already

Unlike other blog tours I’ve been involved with, I am looking for positive reviews. I”m sensitive after all. šŸ™‚ One negative one and I will probably go under the bed and stay there. Hey, being honest here.

Interested? Please contact me on the Contact Me page to discuss, and if accepted, you will be placed on the blog book tour and assigned a day in February.

Very fun! Let’s get the party rolling…

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  1. Viia Adores Lovelight Atelier January 25, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    Yes Please!



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