Announcements from the Fairy

3 Jan

Happy New Year everyone! Can you feel that wild energy? I am so deeply excited about 2012, but I have already noticed that my intuitive abilities have been a bit heightened lately. That veil between this world and the next is slowwwwly getting thinner, which is some cases is kinda cool. Never before have I ever felt less alone.

Fairy announcements for this week:

  1. My eBook, Help! I’m Sensitive is now officially offered in soft paperback on To say that I am flipping excited would be an understatement. You can google the book or my name or find the link on the site to order. I even have my own author page!
  2. I’ve created my new art/design site if you are digging the artwork I use in the Fairy Online School classes. This is another thing I am truly thrilled about creating  in the new year. Check it out at
  3. Okay, enough about me, how about you? Fairy Online School starts January 20th and Sign-ups are happening now. I am also offering the seems-to-be-popular Fairy Healer Certificate, as well as, Animal Communication Mentorships.
  4. I have several teleclasses coming up at the Animal Spirit Network including More Better Boundaries for the Sensitive and The Sensitive Pet in February. See the listing under Upcoming Classes.

Fairy blessings,


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