Bad Fortune Cookies

16 Dec

Over at Facebook, I am being quite a naughty fairy. I hate guidance or advice that you get from others, often healer-types, that sound like bad fortune cookies. Often I read Twitter statuses of famous people where they will share a tweet of “wisdom” that is rather silly or obvious, like “when you love other people, they love you back.” Perhaps I am in a snarky mood because it’s the holidays and December and I don’t always like this time of year, but I do sometimes think I need to be a little frisky and let it out in a productive way, and this really is a pet peeve. I apologize ahead of time, but this is fun. So, here’s some perfectly useless pieces of advice you can use for your Twitter or Facebook statuses:

When you a play with a bee, you might get stung.

When we focus on goodness, we feel good.


Care to add your own and release your own “snarkiness?”


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